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September 29, 2018

Classic: Dutch writer W.F. Hermans

by N@ncy

  • Author: W.F. Hermans
  • Title: Nooit Meer Slapen
  • Published: 1966
  • Language: Dutch ( available in translation: Beyond Sleep)
  • #20BooksOfAutumn
  • #ccbookreviews
  • Trivia: W.F. Hermans  is considered one of
  • ‘The Big Three’ 20th C  writers in Dutch  literature.
  • You can read more about W.F. Hermans  HERE
  • List Reading Challenges 2018
  • Monthly planning
  • Classic Club Master list


  1. Dutch is my second language.
  2. It was time I started 20 books by Dutch authors
  3. …considered 20th C must reads.
  4. W.F. Hermans is the first one on the list.
  5. Ch 1-12 were very slow...but if you keep reading the
  6. book picks up steam ch 27 until the end.
  7. Main character: geologist Alfred is obsessed with ‘discovering something new’.
  8. He wants to prove to his deceased father he has not wasted his life.
  9. Hermans uses the philosophy of Wittgenstein (3 references) and the
  10. Symbol: a compass to help Alfred find his direction
  11. …physically (during a failed expedition on a Norwegian glacier)
  12. …and spiritually (start a new life.)
  13. It is a good book….but not great.
  14. The war novel The Dark Room of Damocles
  15. is the author’s ‘chef’ d’oeuvre
  16. W.F. Hermans was member of the Dutch resistance WW II.

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