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September 9, 2018


#AWW 2018: Anna Jackson

by N@ncy



  1. The Bed-Making Competition  is an
  2. ….imaginatively realized and moving story.
  3. We follow the sisters  Hillary and Bridgid as they manage
  4. abandonment, motherhood, illness and the
  5. connections that keep families together.
  6. Each section will surprise you
  7. …make you laugh…make you reflect.
  8. Structure: five sections (1991-1994-1996-2000-2011)
  9. Characters:  not great heights, no great depths
  10. ….just ordinary people.
  11. Voice:  reveals the writer’s personality
  12. Anna Jackson is chatty, reflective, serious, funny
  13. ….and so much subtle emotion.
  14. This coming of age story of Hillary and Bridgid
  15. took my breath away.
  16. I had a sister….and know the bonds that held us together
  17. …and the things that kept us apart.
  18. #MustRead….Bravo!
  19. This is truly worthy of the  2018 Viva La Novella Prize!

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  1. Sep 10 2018

    This sounds wonderful! I enjoy novellas and have added it to my list. Thanks.


    • Sep 10 2018

      This novella was so sparkling, fresh, funny….and poignant!
      I hope you enjoy it 🙂



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