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August 30, 2018


#20BooksofAutumn 2018

by N@ncy


  • If we fail to plan …we plan to fail.
  • I had a #20BooksOfSummer list that helped me stay focused.
  • Here is my  list for September – October – November.
  • I selected books that
  • …I REALLY REALLY want to get off my TBR list
  • List of Challenges 2018
  • Monthly plan
  • #20BooksOfAutumn


  1. The Outrun (A. Liptrot) (Biography/Memoir) – READ
  2. Darkness Visible – W. Styron (Biography/Memoir) – READ
  3. Between Riverside and CrazyS. Guirgis (Pulitzer Prize 2015)  (play) – READ
  4. Our Man in Charleston C. Dickey (NF) – READ
  5. Kim Jong-Il Production – P. Fischer (NF) – READ
  6. Atomic Thunder – E. Tynan (Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2017 History) – READ #AWW2018
  7. The Enigmatic Mr Deakin – J. Brett – READ #AWW2018
  8. The Bed-Making Competition – A. Jackson – READ #AWW2018
  9. Short story:  Audition – S. Sayarfiwezadeh – READ (The New Yorker 10.09.2018)
  10. An Ordinary Day – L. Sales – READ  #AWW2018
  11. Nooit Meer Slapen (Beyond Sleep) – W. F. Hermans – READ
  12. Don’t Call Us Dead – D. Smith – READ
  13. The River in the Sky – Clive James – READ
  14. Just Enough Liebling – J. Liebling (NF) – READ
  15. James Wright: A Life in Poetry (NF) – J. Blunk – READ
  16. Washington Black – E. Edugyan – READ #CanBookChallenge
  17. The Raven – E.A. Poe – READ  #RIPXIII
  18. Christ Stopped at Eboli – C. Levi – READ
  19. Mãn – Kim Thuy – READ #CanBookChallenge
  20. Je reste ici – M. Balzano – READ



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  1. Aug 30 2018

    I love Kent Haruf! Good luck with your autumn reading Nancy.


    • Aug 30 2018

      Thank you for giving me the framework (#20BooksOf….) to help my reading! 🙂
      You’ve got just how many to go for the summer 2018 session?


  2. Aug 30 2018

    I love this idea, Nancy. I am doing pretty well with reading from my TBR shelves so I don’t think I will do a specific list, as long as I can stay focused.


    • Aug 30 2018

      Tracy, whatever works for you! I need a list…I need a nudge to get me from #1 –> # 20.
      Loved you Goodis review….such a sad life he had.


  3. Aug 31 2018

    Good luck with your autumn list. I loved Palace Walk (the entire Cairo trilogy, actually) and Our Souls at Night.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aug 31 2018

      Reading Darkness Visible by W. Styron and I’m am speechless… I’ll finish it today. it is well worth reading….a gem!


  4. Sep 7 2018

    Ohhhh Our Souls At Night – loved it!!
    Are you planning on reading your list in order, or has it just panned out that way so far?

    Palace Walk is also somewhere on my tbr, but I doubt I will get to it this year.


    • Sep 7 2018

      Brona, I want to follow the reading list order.
      I slapped it together months ago and made a #20BooksOfWinter as well.
      This keeps me reading without having to decide: Read it or not? I have to!
      Reviews are very short on Goodreads. I keep this list up-to-date and
      my reviews are the random thoughts that pop into my head when the book is closed.
      No note taking….no analysis…no long research….just Read and go on to the next selection!
      Kim-Jung-Il Productions…I start to day after I finish wiith Mary Wollstonecraft …the last chapters 6-13 are very short compared to the first 5 ! Whew!
      Hope the weekend is fun…relax…smell the proverbial roses!

      Liked by 1 person


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