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August 22, 2018


Non-fiction: Revolutionary Ride

by N@ncy




  1. Pryce tells us that the idea to visit Shiraz, Iran  was
  2. …based on a message from ‘Habib’ clipped to her motorcycle.
  3. She probably had a book in mind from the outset
  4. and chose this destination  to see for herself
  5. where the myths and the truth
  6. overlapped in her knowledge of Iran.
  7. We follow her from Tabriz, Quzvin, Tehran, Isfahan
  8. …ending the trip in Yzad and Shiraz.



  1. Lois Pryce is a British journalist and a motorcycle traveler.
  2. Two qualities that enable her to write the book are:
  3. she is an established writer of non-fiction with a distinctive style and
  4. she approaches her travelogue as objective journalism.
  5. But any journey has a life of its own
  6. It is always defined by place, time and personality.


  1. Strong point:   Pryce highlights the perils
  2. a woman faces  traveling alone in Iran
  3. She succeeds in telling us about 
  4. …the reality of women’s lives in that country.


  1. Strong point: Pryce shows her strength  during
  2. a few nerve-wracking  experiences:
  3. being tailgated by cars/ trucks on deserted back roads
  4. or  attacked at a petrol station.
  5. Pryce learns that unease and anxiety are
  6. part of the process and cannot be rushed.


  1. Strong point: Pryce reports the conversations with
  2. ordinary Iranians as they explain the how the 1979
  3. Revolution and sanctions have impacted their lives.


  1. Tone: this changes according to Pryce’s mood.
  2. There were time she battled homesickness
  3. ….or was visibly shaken by a ‘fender bender’ in Tehran.
  4. At times Pryce felt a primal urge to
  5. …hide away for a while in a hotel.
  6. She needed some shelter.
  7. The hotel’s family invited her to the family for a meal
  8. …and after dinner opium smoke!
  9. For the first time all the tension in
  10. …her road-wary muscles was seeping away.
  11. A dreamy sense of well being washed over her.


Last Thoughts:

  1. Lois Pryce sums up her feelings:
  2. “I had been bracing myself for all
  3. the horrors predicted by the
  4. …doom-mongers back home.
  5. But instead I had been hit with a tidal wave of
  6. warmth and humanity to a degree
  7. that I have never experienced
  8. …anywhere in the world.
  9. Traveling is always an adventure
  10. but Lois Pryce has taken it to a new level:
  11. a woman on a solo motorcycle journey
  12. …through the Middel East, Iran.
  13. What will she come up against? How will she cope?
  14. This is an impressive piece of travel writing!
  15. #MustRead
  16. #WorldFromMyArmchair

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  1. mudpuddle
    Aug 23 2018

    i’ll look for it… i read Dervla Murphy’s account of bicycling through the middle east and beyond; it was pretty amazing…

    Liked by 1 person


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