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August 11, 2018


Classic: The Hound of the Baskervilles

by NancyElin



  1. This is an eerie tale—the legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles.
  2. The devil-beast has haunted the lonely moors
  3. …around the Baskervilles’ ancestral home.
  4. The tale warned the descendants of that
  5. …ancient family never to venture out on the moor.
  6. Sherlock Holmes is called to the English moors
  7. …to save Sir Henry Baskerville… from what?



  1. The book is a wonderful read on a hot summer day!
  2. Every chapter is filled with Sherlock’s
  3. scientific use of his imagination.
  4. He balances probabilities and choose the most likely.
  5. A chiming clock, rustle of the ivy on the wall
  6. and the sob of a woman draws the reader further
  7. …into the mystery of the grand House of Baskervilles!
  8. Narrator:
  9. Derek Jacobi is a recognizable British
  10. voice that is warm in tone .
  11. No gestures, no costumes, no set, nothing
  12. to indicate anything except Jacobi
  13. ..who lifts the words from the pages
  14. …and into my imagination!
  15. #Classic


Last Thoughts:

  1. This was my first  Sherlock Holmes mystery.
  2. I enjoyed the classic element used in many  mysteries:
  3. characters withhold information or lie about it.
  4. This added to the “Ah-ah’ feeling when I read the last
  5. chapter in which Holmes explains details
  6. …..I really missed!
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  1. Aug 11 2018

    This was a library book I borrowed again and again and again as a kid. Loved this book though it’s years since I last read it! But you’ve stirred a memory or three with this review – thanks!!!

    • Aug 11 2018

      It was just a fun read!
      I love listening to Derek Jacobi….a British acting legend!

  2. Aug 11 2018

    For a first Holmes story, this is a pretty good one. 🙂


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