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August 8, 2018


Classic: Jane Austen

by N@ncy



01.08.2018:  Sign-up post


What type of  novel is Pride and Prejudice?

Formal realism

  1. This type of novel most satisfies readers wishes
  2. ..for close correspondence between  life and art.

What is formal realism?

  1. Formal realism is defined as truth
  2. discovered by the individual through his or her senses.

Which  authors  are famous for formal realism?

  1. E. Zola, J. Joyce, J. Austen, H. Balzac,
  2. D. Defoe and S. Richardson  are a few examples.


Pride and Prejudice:  quickscan

  1. The marriage plot is between
  2. Elizabeth Bennet  and Fitzwilliam Darcy.
  3. Elizabeth rejects Mr. Darcy’s proposal.
  4. Elizabeth proceeds in the normal course of her life.
  5. She encounters Mr. Darcy both at Rosings and
  6. …while she is on a visit to his estate at Pemberley.
  7. After she has had time to understand who he really is,
  8. …to learn the truth of his fine character
  9. …she comes to love and admire him.
  10. She hopes and wishes that he would propose again.
  11. By the end of the novel, she is of a different mind.



  1. The plot?
  2. We all know it by heart!
  3. I read the book in high-school and
  4. watched the  BBC series in 1995 Pride & Prejudice.
  5. This adaption of Jane Austen’s novel was done to such perfection.
  6. As I read the book I saw the actors and actresses in this series
  7. ….flash before my eyes.
  8. Jennifer Ehle has done the impossible
  9. …she is forever will be, Elizabeth.
  10. The beauty, wit, and sparkling liveliness of the
  11. …character are perfectly captured in her performance.
  12. And Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy is an exact match for her.
  13. His smoldering good looks portraits an unforgettable  aristocratic reserve.
  14. Favorite scene in book and dvd?
  15. Darcy and Elizabeth engage in a long and stately dance together
  16. …in the midst of a crowd.
  17. They only have eyes for each other yet
  18. …remained controlled and exciting.
  19. The series and the book are classics in their own medium.
  20. After reading the book…
  21. I look forward to a #AllAboutAusten weekend
  22. re-watching this production!
  23. Thank you @BronasBooks f
  24. …or hosting #AllAboutAusten
  25. I read a Jane Austen book….and loved it!



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  1. Aug 8 2018

    I’m thrilled that you found such enjoyment in one of my all-time favourite books.
    Curiously, I don’t like the 1995 TV production – I must be the only person in the whole wide world who doesn’t! I didn’t like JE as Elizabeth and I hated the wet shirt scene – it’s not in the book!!
    I didn’t like the more recent movie either – the girls are just too giggly and Bingley is a sap!

    There’s a BBC production from the 1980’s that I do like even though the production costs were obviously stingy. That’s the Elizabeth I see when I reread the book 🙂

    I’ve started dipping into her Juvenalia & plan to start my Annotated Persuasion tonight (if I can stay awake long enough!)


    • Aug 8 2018

      Love your feedback about the BBC series’s.
      I will look into the 1980’s version!
      I did enjoy this book …more than Persuasion…but I intended to re-read it
      and make sure I haven’t changed my mind about it.
      #Give ABookAChance

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aug 9 2018

    Glad to see you enjoyed it. It’s still one of my favourite books simply because the characters are as memorable and lovable than any I’ve ever read about. I also loved the BBC dramatisation with JE and CF ( though the shirt in the lake scene was taking dramatic licence a bit too far for me!) – I thought the remarkable acting in it was by Alison Steadman as Mrs Bennett – brilliant! You’ve put me in the mood to read Pride and Prejudice yet again!


    • Aug 9 2018

      I agree with all your points
      …I can still hear EB’s mother running around the house
      looking for smelling salts when she heard Lizzy refused a marriage proposal”
      “Oh, oh Mr. Bennet, what is to become of us?”

      Liked by 1 person


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