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August 6, 2018


Classic: Seneca Letters From a Stoic

by N@ncy



  1. For more information about Seneca and Stoicism
  2. …I refer you to the links in the header.
  3. This book is perfect bed-time reading.
  4. Tone is casual.
  5. Focus is on practical moral advice.
  6. Your mind can relax after a hectic day and let
  7. Seneca  bring  you back to basic thoughts about:
  8. mercy, anger, kindness, fate, happiness, and peace of mind.
  9. Strong points: writing style is full of brevity and sparkle.
  10. There are so many quotes that have lingered
  11. …too many to sum up.
  12. At the end of the book…the last letter (letter CXXIII)
  13. Seneca left me with these thoughts I use daily:


  • Nothing is burdensome if taken lightly
  • …nothing need arouse one’s irritation so long as one
  • …doesn’t make it bigger than it is by getting irritated!


  • It is in no man’s power to have whatever he wants
  • …but he has it in his power not to wish
  • …for what he hasn’t got.


  1. And as a person who struggles with an aching lower back
  2. Seneca spoke to me with these words:


  • I’m deriving immeasurable satisfaction from the way  my
  • …tiredness is becoming reconcile to itself.
  • What was brought on by exertion
  • …rest is taking away.
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  1. Aug 6 2018

    This sounds good. I used to have this little Latin Quote of the Day app on my phone – most of them came from Seneca. This is one of those books I would never have bought for myself … but I will now!


    • Aug 6 2018

      It is so good, Col. I found things in it that made me think….
      One thing that strangely struck in my mind: “No man’s good by accident. Virtue has to be learnt.’
      Parents have a duty to teach these virtues.
      It just struck a nerve after reading how children can be so disrespectful to teachers and turn to bullying other children.
      Sometimes a news item triggers these kind of thoughts. I heard that a school in England banned talking in school while kids change classes… and in the class…before the lessons begin. The reactions for the children were positive! Their minds were adjusting to the environment of learning….and that needs silence.

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  2. Aug 8 2018

    I’ve tried to read some Plato in the past, but he needs a clear, un-tired mind. This sounds more do-able in my busy working life right now 🙂


    • Aug 8 2018

      It really was relaxing. Of course….there are some gloomy thoughts about approaching death but Seneca looks at the bright side
      …life will leave us behind unless we make haste!
      Every day as it comes should be welcomed …af if it were the finest day imaginable!
      Have a great night…and day tomorrow!

      Liked by 1 person


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