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July 27, 2018


Classic Club Spin # 18

by NancyElin

  1. It is time to take part in Classic Club spin nr 18!
  2. I have decided to use audio books for my spins.
  3. Why?
  4. I love to get up in the morning…
  5. and take a 1 hour walk
  6. ..while I enjoy great literature!
  7. Why?
  8. I must reduce my TBR list on my library
  9. Why?
  10. I need to avoid IPAD/Kindle screens before bed-time.
  11. Audio books are a perfect solution.
  12. #ccspin
  13. Trivia: @bornasbooks and @HowlingFrog
  14. …these clubbers have participated on ALL 18 CC spins!
  15. BRAVO!
  16. I win the prize (I think) for the LEAST number of spins!
  17. 2014 – Praise of Folly (Erasmus) …very easy to read and very funny!
  18. 2017 – Long Day’s Journey Into Night (E. O’Neill) – one of best 50 plays in 100 years!
  19. 2018 – ??

Update: 01.08.2018

  1. OMG I’ve died and gone to heaven…
  2. spin book is “Means of Ascent’ by R. Caro.
  3. This is a modern non-fiction classic!
  4. Hours of listening pleasure on my morning walks!!
  5. Thank you CC !


My list:

  1. Eliot, George – The Mill on the Floss –
  2. Dickens, C. – Our Mutual Friend –
  3. Suetonius – The Twelve Caesars – ancient classic non-fiction –
  4. London, Jack – Call of the Wild –
  5. Ford Maddox Ford – Some Do Not (#1 Parade’s End) –
  6. Bronte, C.  – Shirley –
  7. Conrad, J. – Heart of Darkness –
  8. Hardy, T. –  The Mayor of Casters bridge –
  9. Caro, R.Means of Ascent (LBJ) –  READ
  10. Bronte, A. – The Tenant of Wildfell Hall –
  11. Huxley, A. – Brave New World –
  12. Atwood, M. – The Handmaid’s Tale –
  13. Mann, T. – The Magic Mountain –
  14. Fitzgerald, F. S.- The Great Gatsby –
  15. Kipling, R.  – Kim –
  16. McCullers, C. – The Heart is a Lonely Hunter –
  17. Du Maurier, D. – Rebecca –
  18. Poe, Edgar Allan – The Complete Short Stories (29 stories) –
  19. Shakespeare, W. – Hamlet –
  20. Thackeray, William – Vanity Fair –
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  1. Jul 28 2018

    Very good list! I really enjoy audiobooks too so i can rest the ol’ eyes. Are you hoping for any particular number?

    • Jul 28 2018

      Thanks for your comment! I use audio books all the time….so I’m not wasting a ‘reading minute’ during household chores as well.
      Number? 13 I don’t read much German literature….and I’m curious what T. Mann has to say. I read Buddenbrooks (1901) and had a lukewarm reaction. I hope after 23 years T. Mann has evolved and can dazzle me with The Magic Mountain (1924)

  2. Jul 29 2018

    Great list Nancy – I wish I could get into audio books the way that you do. I can sometimes listen to them in the car, but usually find that I tune out very quickly.

    We actually share Suetonius at #3 which is a little exciting 🙂

    • Jul 29 2018

      Audio books: When I read ‘important’ book…I often read and listen! The combination of reading and listening maximizes my comprehension- and I can pause to highlight something I want to remember for a review on the IPAD. Hope you had a great Read-a-ton…It was too hot here to concentrate and I had a bad night ‘sleeping on the floor’. I was exhausted and started to wilt in the heat! 🙂

  3. Karen K.
    Jul 30 2018

    Excellent list! I always have at least one audio book in progress for walking and driving about town. (I’m nearly finished with Jude the Obscure). From your list, I particularly enjoyed The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Rebecca — there is a great audio version narrated by Anna Massey who played Mrs. Danvers in a Masterpiece Theater adaptation back in the 1970s. I highly recommend it if you can find that one. Good luck with the spin!

    • Jul 30 2018

      Thanks for you comment…I’m always looking for suggestion for ‘good narrators’ for audio books. The voice is an important part of the pleasure of an audio book. I will look for Anna Massey. One of my favorites is the British actress Juliet Stevenson….I’m going to listen to her rendition of of Jane Austen’s books!

  4. Aug 1 2018

    Update: 01.08.2018

    OMG I’ve died and gone to heaven…
    spin book is “Means of Ascent’ by R. Caro.
    This is a modern non-fiction classic!
    Hours of listening pleasure on my morning walks!!
    Thank you CC !


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