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July 24, 2018


Sleep on the Floor

by N@ncy

Evaluation:   3 weeks sleeping on the floor.

  1. 1st wk was awful.
  2. After 14 days I had  my first good night sleep.
  3. 3rd wk:
  4. …sleeping feels like a lottery
  5. ….I have no idea if I will win or lose!
  6. Good news: back pain is GONE and
  7. …my hips are like oiled ball bearings!
  8. It’s amazing the change
  9. I stlll have a long way to go before I get a
  10. …solid 7 hr sleep.
  11. I’m not used to sleeping on my back!
  12. Strange:  when I am in REM my dreams are so VIVD!
  13. Sleeping positon does affect you dreams.
  14. Does anybody else
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  1. Jul 25 2018

    Does tatami mats in Japan count?
    Not the best nights sleep I’ve ever had, but it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when travelling anyway.


    • Jul 25 2018

      Sleeping “Japan Style” took me 2 weeks to get used to. I was desperate for some relief from my back discomfort.
      I’ve stuck with it for three weeks. There was one night I almost crept back to my bed…but did not. But I must admit my back and hips are greatly improved and the nagging back pain and stiffness in hips is ….95% gone…in just 3 weeks! I cannot believe it myself!
      One’s body is aligned….and that is a huge difference to the sleeping positions I had on a sagging bed. The Japanese have been sleeping on the ‘floor’ for centuries!


  2. Jul 31 2018

    So you’re sleeping on the floor without a mattress Nancy? That’s brave! I’m glad it seems to be working for you.


    • Jul 31 2018

      I never ( back and hips) felt better. It took 4 weeks to finally find my sleeping pattern and the positions that work well in the floor. It is strange….but I had to learn how to sleep!



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