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July 6, 2018


#Paris In July French Wine

by NancyElin


This wine is a real treat!

  1. Blanquette de Limoux is considered to be
  2. …the first sparkling white wine produced in France.
  3. It was created long before the Champagne region
  4. …became world-renowned for the sparkling wine Champagne.
  5. The first textual mention of “blanquette”,
  6. ….from the Occitan expression for “the small white”
  7. appeared in 1531 in papers written by
  8. …Benedictine monks at an abbey in Saint-Hilaire.
  9. No one can say it better than the French:
  10. “Cette blanquette or pâle libère des bulles fines et régulières,
  11. ainsi que (as well as) des parfums intenses de
  12. poire williams et de chèvrefeuille.” (honeysuckle)


  • I enjoyed this wine with Camembert cheese as aperitif and
  • …later with my gratin dauphinois. (La Petite Cuisine à Paris, R. Khoo, pg 34)
  • I’m trying to make as many recipes as I can from this cookbook during
  • #ParisInJuly.




Bon appétit!

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  1. Jul 6 2018

    Beautiful gratin you have there! Very evocative of France. To me it’s more for winter than summer, but always would be delicious.

    best… mae

    • Jul 6 2018

      French comfort food knows no season!
      What’s cooking in your French kitchen?

  2. Jul 6 2018

    Now this is a post I can fall in love with! We actually had some French at our recent wine tasting (my current post but not a Paris in July one) but your dinner looks far more elegant and sophisticated! Don’t you love all we learn during Paris in July?!

    • Jul 6 2018

      Having so much fun with French cooking and sharing my experiences.
      You have a wonderful post May 2 2014 making macrons French almond meringue cookies on your site! That cold be a winter project for me. I just took a quick look at your wine post and the cork poppers! I will have a closer look at it later. Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Jul 8 2018

    I had big plans for this w/e, French-food-wise, but B20 turned into B21 so our focus was on eating foods that he liked, as well as Mr B & I still struggling to get on top of our winter colds, I simply didn’t have the energy to try anything fancy or new!
    Maybe next weekend 🙂

    Your gratin looks delicious though.

    • Jul 8 2018

      Regrouping after a cold can take time. Family milestones ( 21 yr!) are important and birthday boy can decide what is on the menu..I agree!
      There is plenty of time to French cook this month. I combine cooking and listening to audio book so I feel I’m getting the max out of my time. Also reading long periods sitting at the table is bad for my back. Cooking _+ audio book is the solution….I keep moving around!
      PS: One thing I am doing that is improving my back….sleeping in the floor!! Yes, it was getting used to the 1-2 night but since then I’ve slept wonderfully! Just dubble fold a duvet or some blankets, pillow under knees to tilt them slightly…lower back relaxes and I sleep like a dream! Look it up on Google ” benefits of sleeping in the floor’…you will be surprised how many people do it!

      • Jul 30 2018

        As you can see I’m just catching up on comment replies!!
        The past few weeks coming on board at the CC has taken up quite a bit of my time. But we seem to have fallen into a nice routine/rhythm for now & my plan is for it to by my Monday thing. Which will hopefully prompt me to check my wordpress notifications more regularly 🙂

      • Jul 30 2018

        Well, your ‘Monday thing’ and checking wordpress notifications …coincides with my ‘morning thing’ online….enjoying my coffee after a morning walk. What’s your Tuesday thing? 🙂

      • Jul 30 2018

        Big day at work!

      • Jul 30 2018

        Being on the other side of the world…I would expect a ‘summer slump’ in bookstores b/c evverybody has gone to Mallorca, Spain. But in Aussie….fall brings out new books and reading momentum. You have my dream job!

      • Jul 30 2018

        From August onwards we’re gearing up for Christmas sales – the shop gets fuller and fuller – it’s a constant juggle to shelve and display them appropriately.
        But yes, it’s my dream job too 🙂
        I often felt very passionate about my teaching career, but it was exhausting & stressful and just plain hard work, the hardest I’ve ever done. The bookshop is a happy, stress-free place – lovely, even when I’m cleaning windows getting ready for a new display!

      • Jul 30 2018

        In The Netherlands there is a serious need for teachers grades 1-8, and middle school ( what I call high-school). But as you said…lots of stress and long hours that are not always fairly compensated. Book sales, Christmas…these words feel so far off but Wednesday is the 1st of August…so tempus fugit…time flies!

  4. Jul 8 2018

    I don’t cook but I can open a bottle of wine! Fun post!

    • Jul 8 2018

      Wine? It is the first thing I open…when cooking.
      Well, almost …not when I’m cooking a feta-zucchini omelette…as I did for breakfast!
      Thanks for visiting the blog and perhaps I can inspire you to …faire la cuisine chez toi !


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