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June 11, 2018


#20BooksOfSummer 2018

by N@ncy

  • I must stop buying books…and start reading them!
  • What to do?  Make a list for…
  • #20BooksOfSummer hosted yearly by Cathy  746 Books
  • I selected books that
  • …I REALLY REALLY want to read.
  • List of Challenges 2018
  • Monthly reading plan
  • #20BooksOfSummer


  1. Deep South – Paul Theroux – (NF) – READ
  2. A Very Expensive Poison – Luke Harding (NF) – READ
  3. Why Horror Seduces – M. Clasen (NF) – READ
  4. Islander: Journey Around Our Archipelago – P. Barkham (NF) – READ
  5. From the Edge: Australia’s Lost Histories – M. McKenna (NF) – READ
  6. Flowers For Algernon – Daniel Keyes (novel)  – READ
  7. The Redemption of Galen Pike – Carys Davies (short stories) – READ
  8. The Serious Game – Hjalmar Söderberg (novel) – READ
  9. The Judge and His Hangman – F. Dürrenmatt  (CF) – READ
  10. Rice – Michele Lee (play) – READ
  11. Hunting the Wild Pineapple – T. Astley (8 short stories) – READ
  12. Down These Green Streets – Declan Burke (NF) – READ
  13. The Sun Also Rises – E. Hemingway – READ
  14. View From the Cheap Seats – N. Gaiman – READ (essays)
  15. The Deerslayer – James Fenimore Cooper – RE-READ – classic
  16. Like a House on Fire – C. Kennedy – READ (15 short stories)
  17. The Dispossessed – U. Le Guin – READ
  18. Women in Love – D.H. Lawrence – READ – classic
  19. Berthe Morisot  –  D. Bona – READ (french edition)
  20. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich – W. Shirer – READ
  21. Nation – T. Pratchett – READ


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  1. Jun 11 2018

    This is a great list and you have picked lots of books here that I am interested in. I have not read the two crime fiction you picked so I will see how you like them.


    • Jun 11 2018

      I discovered Dürrenmatt this morning. The plot intrigued me…judge let’s a known killer free…and here’s the clue…so that person can kill someone the judge wants dead! Reading Deep South now….it is very good, so far. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Jun 12 2018

    I have From the Edge tucked away somewhere on my TBR pile. The Bean bio has intrigued me too. He was born in the town where my parents live & I read lots of his work when I studied WWI history at school & uni.

    Good luck with getting through your list – I just finished book 4 on the weekend – so may actually get all 20 read this year!


    • Jun 12 2018

      You had your list ready to go on 01 June…I still was not sure if I would join. Your weekend in the mountains reading was a great way to ‘keep up the momentum ‘. I’m surprised how good Deep South is by Paul Theroux…was shortlisted for Wainwright Prize last year. Mark McKenna and P. Rees are both ‘blind dates’ as well. Thanks for your comments!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jun 15 2018

    I think the rate at which I’m bringing books into my apartment has been higher than the rate at which I can read them this year! I definitely need to cut back 🙂 I hope this challenge helps you get to the ones you’re most excited about!


    • Jun 15 2018

      I have 6 great non-fiction lined up for the summer….and I only bought 4 books this month.
      That is a new record for me! Thanks for stopping by!



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