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June 3, 2018

Christy Collins: The End of Seeing

by N@ncy




  1. I am aggressively attacking my TBR list
  2. I found Christy Collins’ The End of Seeing.
  3. I have NO idea why I bought this book or who Ms Collins is.
  4. So I went into the novel(la) with a clean slate.
  5. The first three chapters captured my attention.
  6. Ms Collins gave us the small details of what Ana feels
  7. while trying to come to grips with her grief (death of child, partner).
  8. After 50%… I realized this is not a book I am enjoying.
  9. Ms Collins places Ana’s  past life with partner and baby as
  10. one of the main subplots…it almost overshadows the rest of the book.
  11. IMO I would have preferred less baby and more intrigue…
  12. about the missing photo journalist (partner) and people trafficking.


Last thoughts:

  1. Sometimes a book does not click with me.
  2. The style  is wrong….the taste not my own.
  3. Others have praised this book and
  4. …that is their right to express an opinion.
  5. We as readers also agree to disagree at times.
  6. But reading what I dislike helps me refine what it is I value.
  7. It is always a win-win situation.
  8. Who knew I would like the horror genre was
  9. …it not for taking a chance on Aletheia by J.S. Breukelaar?





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