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April 17, 2018


Girl Reporter

by N@ncy


Finished: 12.04.2018
Genre: Adult fiction (YA); Science Fiction
Rating: A+

  1. I just loved this novella
  2. ….perfect for commute in the train.
  3. I had to smile…
  4. while I looked around at all the millennials in the coupé.
  5. Tansy Roberts just nailed it with the ‘new vocabulary‘ for the
  6. networked, connected, vlogging, livestreaming, vid, twitter feed generation.
  7. Friday Valentina (#SuperheroSpill reporter) made me laugh:
  8. There’s something beautiful about the perfect hashtag.
  9. Truly, the hashtag is the epic poem of the 21st C.”
  10. Have  some fun and enjoy Tina (mother), Friday Valentina
  11. Solar, Astra, The Dark and many more characters.
  12. This book is full of snark and satire!
  13. Strong point:  snappy dialogue
  14. Tansy Roberts’ dialogue:
  15. develops the plot
  16. reveals characters’ motivation,
  17. creates an cyberspace experience for reader
  18. makes an average story extraordinary.
  19. #MustRead
  20. #MustLaugh



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