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March 24, 2018

Essay: Fair Australia Prize 2017

by N@ncy

  • Author: Julian Bull
  • Title: Aussie Albert
  • Published:  2017
  • Trivia:  Read essay in link  Overland Literary Review
  • Trivia:  Julian Bull studied natural resources management and
  • landscape architecture at the Universities of Adelaide and Melbourne.




  1. What do you say when an essay leaves you speechless?
  2. Julian Bull gives a  snapshot of Albert Namatjira
  3. …and  a glimpse at the  injustices befalling Indigenous Australians
  4. who are still denied a voice in
  5. …determining their destiny in contemporary Australia.

Julian Bull uses this photo to show the reader Aussie Albert’s  situation:

“…Albert, standing there alone, crowned by a fan. A cord tangles its way between Albert’s hat and the back of one of his new mates via the uncirculating fan rendering their need for dialogue superfluous, given such a manifestation of electrical connectivity symbolising their unspoken accord.

“Albert’s been let into the boys’ club, the first, the one and only Indigenous Australian allowed in, but no-one’s talking to him, he’s not part of the forum, he’s not in the team.”


  1. I try to discover voices that don’t
  2. …seem to pop up on
  3. Julian Bull is one of these voices.
  4. The best way to  find gems like Aussie Albert
  5. …is to read literary reviews:
  6. Overland (Aus), Dublin Review (Ire), The Sun (US),
  7. The Malahat Review (Canada)




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