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March 15, 2018

Anna Sargo-Ryan You Know How It Is (short story)

by N@ncy

  • Author: Anna Spargo-Ryan
  • Title: You Know How It Is
  • Published: 2018    @islandmagtas  #Island152



  1. You Know How It Is  by Anna Spargo-Ryan is a story
  2. I found in the literary magazine Island nr 152.
  3. The magazine is shipped to me …all the way from Hobart Tasmania!
  4. There is some great writing and writers to be discovered ‘down under’.
  5. The Anna Spargo-Ryan  has learned the first lesson in writing:
  6. “hook”  the reader in the first sentence.
  7. The first thing Les Harrison catches on his
  8. …new line is a shark with his wife’s hand inside”.
  9. This shock start sets the stage .
  10. This is going to be a husband (Les) who
  11. …discovers his missing wife…dead (Claire).
  12. Claire announces earlier (flashback) that  she is traveling
  13. …with some teachers to Sidney for a conference,
  14. …no partners allowed.
  15. Les is afraid his wife is leaving him.
  16. Spargo-Ryan stitches the layers of the narrative together
  17. …alternating the present (5x) with flashbacks (4x).
  18. She creates a seam of tension  that kept pulling me through the story.
  19. I discovered Anna Spargo-Ryan  in The Best Australian Essays 2016.
  20. Her story  How to Love Football
  21. …about her grandfather and his favorite football team the Norwood Redlegs
  22. …was heartwarming,  good-feeling story.
  23. In You Know How It Is 
  24. Anna Spargo-Ryan shows her darker side with a whiff of humor.


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