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March 9, 2018



by N@ncy

  • Author: Alexis Wright
  • Title: Tracker
  • Published: 2017
  • Trivia: Shortlisted for the Stella Prize 2018
  • Trivia: #AWW2018 
  • #NonFicReads18   Doing Dewey (Katie)



  1. Before starting this book….I read NO reviews about it.
  2. I wanted to  begin it with a clean slate.
  3. I read the introduction and the prologue in the
  4. …hope it would prepare me for an interesting book.
  5. This is a collection of short personal narratives.
  6. Wright fails to create an interesting situation.
  7. Excessive description:
  8. long winded, no powerful prose to ‘hook’ the reader.
  9. Irrelevant information:
  10. The first few lines of your story are crucial
  11. Wright gave me trivial information…nothing I could sink my teeth in!
  12. The writing  in this chapter is at elementary level.
  13. I hope Wright changes her  writing style
  14. …otherwise I may  not last 650 pages of this.
  15. 4 chapters are written in first person point of view.
  16. Each chapter had more than 7 changes of voice.
  17. Chapter 1 and 3  had a whopping
  18. …16 different changes of perspective.
  19. This is not the way to ‘grab’ a readers attention!
  20. There is certainly nothing  wrong
  21. …with multiple first-person narrators.
  22. We  avoid getting only one person’s  view of the action.
  23. But it should be done well!
  24. There are pages of nothing but
  25. …I  did this, I did that, I was thinking, So I said to him…
  26. I made it through part 1, 20% of the book.
  27. Time to look forward…
  28. there were pages and pages
  29. …of the same waiting for me.
  30. This is an exhaustive form of
  31. experimental  ‘collective’ memoir.
  32. I think A. Wright decided to write her book in
  33. this style because she wanted not to refer to emotion but
  34. …to re-create it in the first person narrative.
  35. I just could not manage 650 pages of it.
  36. Narrative sounds like the flow of casual talk
  37. …campfire yarns…and in my opinion no great craft.
  38. You may like it….I did not.
  39. #DNF


Last Thoughts:

  1. If you are interested in the power of contemporary Aboriginal storytelling
  2. …then I suggest you read My Place by Sally Morgan.






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  1. Mar 11 2018

    I’ve never read any of Wright’s fiction or non- fiction so I cannot comment. Multiple perspectives does my head in too though.

    I’ve just had a run of enjoyable reads but they’ve all lacked a real emotional connection for me – I’ve just realised they were all written by men – perhaps I just need a female perspective pronto!


    • Mar 11 2018

      Curious as to the reactions about Tracker because it was selected for Stella Prize. Call me crazy…but this is not an award winning book. I rarely #GiveUp but this was just too much chaos in 650 pages. Moving on to …S. Azar…..on your endorsement!
      Now that you mention it…my last female writer was K. Kassabova ‘Border’
      W. Trevor is one of the rare male writers that delivers so much emotion….is so few words, short story.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mar 13 2018

        Indigenous storytelling is different to western storytelling. It can be that, but I haven’t read any of Wright’s work to comment on this yet.

        I hope you enjoy The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree as much as I did. The cover is gorgeous too😊


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