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January 9, 2018

The New Yorker 01 January 2018

by N@ncy


  1. I’m trying to keep up with my subscription of the New Yorker.
  2. Abandoned the hope of reading it in the week it arrives…
  3. I’ve settled for ….reading it in the month it arrives!


Who is the cartoonist George Booth?

  1. Cartoonist George Booth has spent four decades at the
  2. New Yorker constructing a distinct universe.
  3. In Booth’s world a bare lightbulb dangles precariously . . .
  4. a frayed carpet barely covers the living room floor…
  5.  flies buzz . . .
  6. a man looks up from behind his newspaper.
  7. And somewhere, in the foreground or off to the side,
  8. crazed dog  twitches involuntarily and there is an
  9. …unruly profusion of cats.
  10. Here is one of my favorites:

Update: 01.01.2018

  1. Today  I took time to learn more about the cartoonist (94 years) George Booth.
  2. Finally after all these years of laughing at Booth’s cat’s and dogs.
  3. …I now know the man behind the cartoons!
  4. George Booth (born June 28, 1926) is a New Yorker cartoonist.
  5. Over time, his cartoons have become an iconic feature of the magazine.
  6. In a doodler’s style, they feature everymen beset by
  7. modern complexity, goofballs perplexing their
  8. …spouses, cats, and very often a fat dog


Teens trapped between a gang and the law – J. Blitzer  [shocking…]

  1. I am left speechless about the situation in Long Island, NY
  2. ….that you never hear about.
  3. Gang violence is seeping over the border
  4. ….and terrorizing innocent young immigrant Hispanics.
  5. There are roughly 400 MS-13 gang members on Suffolk County Long Island.
  6. MS-13 has more than 50.000 members in Central America and 10.000 in the U.S.
  7. Unsurprisingly, MS-13 has become an obsession of Donald Trump.
  8. He talks incessantly about the gang,
  9. …portraying it as representative of a wave of immigrant crime.
  10. After reading this article….I’m not surprised Trump was elected.
  11. People are terrified and fed up with this situation!

A Tech Pioneer’s Final, Unexpected Act    by J.B. Stewart  [heartwrenching…]

  1. Upon receiving a diagnosis of brain cancer
  2. …Eric Sun set out to achieve some lifelong musical goals.
  3. After reading this article….I was  very quiet for a few moments.
  4. My worries, complaints all vanished before my eyes…
  5. It was this that hit me the  hardest:
  6. “ is hard to accept that modern medicine isn’t able to fix me.”
  7. At the same time, he wrote, “Every day I wake up not-dead is a gift.”
  8. I couldn’t read anymore….I had to go to bed and have a long hard think.


The Dark Bounty of Texas Oil by  Lawrence Wright  [Ho…hum…yawn]

  1. Yates Oil Field in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Yates
  2. …which has produced more than one billion barrels of oil, is
  3. …one of the most productive oil fields in the world.
  4. Situated in west Texas, eight miles south of Midland,
  5. …the 26,000-acre Yates field still holds the largest oil reserves in  US
  6.  outside of Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay.
  7. If  TEXAS were an independent country
  8. …its economy would settle in around 10th
  9.    larger than Canada and Australia. California!
  10. 50% of this article recaps the history of 3 important oil fields in Texas.
  11. The rest tells us that fracking gave Texas an economical boost...
  12. …that Hurricane Harvey had little impact on the oil fields.
  13. Nice to know…but not that interesting.




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