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January 4, 2018


The Hidden Life of Trees

by N@ncy

Twitter: @burns_nancy


#List of Challenges 2018

Genre:   non-fiction (natural history)
Rating: B+

Usually when I walk to the train station I keep my eyes glued to the pavement. Today while listening to The Hidden Life of Trees I just kept looking up!
When I heard that trees can communicate sending warnings for danger to other trees, feed other trees via a root system if one is needing support and can even ‘murmurer’….every time I let out an audible “Oh!”

But really made me laugh was my uncontrollable urge to touch the bark of the trees on the way home. People must have thought I was crazy.
Natural history is a genre that I often forget about…but this year I am going to try to read many more books about the wonders of the world …right under my eyes.

I listened to the audio book 7,5 hours….and it was so interesting that I would listen to it again!
#MustListen #MustRead


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  1. Jan 5 2018

    I regularly have the desire to stroke the bark on trees & hug them whenever I can 😊


    • Jan 5 2018

      Again this morning on the bike to the hairdresser appointment…keep looking at trees!
      Smooth bark is a young tree …and then I see all the trees with wrinkles and folds on their skin (bark)….just like me! 🙂

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  2. Jan 9 2018

    I swallowed this book whole! It was easy to read and raised fascinating questions. Like you, I couldn’t help thinking about the points it raises when I was out walking (and I already pay trees a lot of attention).


    • Jan 9 2018

      I sitll keep looking UP! It is as if I never really appreciated the trees that are everywhere. When I gaze at the bark, roots, coppice….I must remember that the trees feel, communicate and emit scents. It is absolutely fascinating. I even say ‘Good-morning’ to the little tree in front of my house! 🙂

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      • Jan 9 2018

        Yay, you’re a treeaholic! You may like my novel Tree Magic? It’s about the magic of trees, a coming-of-age story for adults and teens? Sorry, that sounds like a sales pitch – but it’s so cool to find people who love trees.


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