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December 31, 2017



by N@ncy

Twitter: @burns_nancy

Challenges 2017: ( here are the links to all the books read)

  • Time to say goodbye to 2017 and look at the results:


Most looking forward to 2018 – #DealMeIn2018

  1. Jay host a refreshing challenge each year.
  2. It give me the opportunity to read short stories
  3. …and essays!
  4. I will be joining his challenge for sure!
  5. I will be making my  ‘to read list’ soon!


My favorite of the year – #AusReadingMonth @Bronabooks

  1. …here is the reason why:  ‘Wrap-up AusReadingMonth’


Most difficult: #HLOTRreadalong2107

  1. Read-a-long @Brona’s books
  2. I decided to leave my comfort zone and read all 4 of Tolkien’s books.
  3. Brona had to nudge me along at times…but I did finish the books!


Most funThe New Yorker Magazine

  1. I tried reading the New Yorker Magazine the week it arrived!
  2. I failed miserably (read only 5 issues since June 2017).
  3. But is was the most fun….because I never knew what I would read!


Most intoxicatingCocktails and Literature

  1. I stumbled upon National Daquiri Day this summer.
  2. After some investigation I found more links between
  3. …cocktails and writers and even WWI  weapons!


Most disappointingModern Library’s Best 100 Novels List

  1. I had high hopes for this challenge.
  2. Some of the choices
  3. …I doubted if they were worthy to be on the list!
  4. I read 20 books and enjoyed only…4    (20%)


Most surprising – Read Ireland challenge

  1. Again, I stumbled  into this challenge via
  2. …the History Book Club group on Goodreads.
  3. I throughly enjoyed Irish plays, non-ficton, fiction!
  4. No one can tell a story like an Irishman!


Most work – Nobel Reading Challenge

  1. I started this challenge 3 years ago.
  2. Every chance I had I searched for a new book for this list.
  3. Now, sadly, I just cannot find the enthusiasm I once felt.
  4. I ‘m afraid this challenge will be dropped in 2018.
  5. There are too many other genres ( poetry) I want to discover!


Here are my top 5 in 3 catagories:


  1. Cloudstreet – T. Winton
  2. The African Queen – C. S. Forester
  3. The Slow Natives  – T. Astley
  4. The Dry – J. Harper
  5. Bleak House – C. Dickens


  1. Milligan, L. – Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell
  2. Franklin, R. – Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life
  3. Lamb, K. – Thea Astley: Inventing Her Own Weather
  4. White, R.C. – American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant
  5. Meade, M. – Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This


  1. Le pouvoir au féminin – Badinter, E.
  2. Passagère du Silence – Verdier, F.
  3. Ça ira (1), Fin de Louis – J. Pommerat (play)
  4. Dans la tête de Marine Le Pen – M. Eltchaninoff
  5. Le diable est dan les détails – L. Slimani
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  1. Jan 1 2018

    I still haven’t read The Lord of the Rings. I remember my brother getting me the box set of the trilogy, as well as The Hobbit yeaaaars ago, like maybe 15 or so years ago, and I just never got to it and then I gave it away. I might have to try again one day. Have a good 2018!


  2. Sounds like a fun year! All the best to you in life and reading in 2018!


    • Jan 1 2018

      I hope you have a succusful year with your food blog. I often thought of you while I was cooking. I kept asking mysefl a question all cooks can answer: What are the 10 things you MUST have in your kitchen? I started out with a good oven thermometer! Ovens are never as hot as the dial indicates! Happy New Year!


  3. Jan 2 2018

    I was given a lovely HB copy of Bleak House for Christmas so I’m keen to read it again as I loved it the first time around. I’m doing the Deal Me In Challenge for the first time this year but I’m only aiming to read 26 short stories/essays etc instead of 52. Brona’s Aussie Challenge is one of my favourites, too. Enjoy your reading in 2018, Nancy!


    • Jan 2 2018

      Carol, I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2018! I’ve been very selective about challenges this year. That gives me the time and energry to really work on my favorites: #AusReadingMonth (collecting titles during the year so I will be ready!), read French classics in french to keep up the language skills I worked so hard to achieve, #DealMeIn2018 with Jay (twitter: @Bibliophilopoly) is wonderful. Last year I made a ‘to read’ list….this year I’m just going to read short stories and essays that I discover along the way…by established authors (Tim Winton, Updike,Trevor (short stories), David Malouf. Clive James (essays) and new writers I discover in Lit Reviews ( The Dublin Review (IR), The Monthly (AUS). Meanjin (AUS), the New Yorker (US), Quarterly Essay (AUS) I like delving into new talent!


  4. Jan 2 2018

    Glad you’ll be doing the Deal Me In challenge again this year. Always look forward to your unique approach to posting about your stories and essays!


    • Jan 2 2018

      Reading my first short story as we speak… The Dublin Review ( Literary journal) …by new talent Kathleen Murray! It is very good…and I have to investigate more about the writer!

      Liked by 1 person


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