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December 29, 2017

The New Yorker 18-25 December

by N@ncy


Street Sense: How coach K guides Atlanta’s hip-hop stars.     [Eye-opener…]

  1. I try to at least read about hip-hop  The Rising Stars 2017
  2. I am amazed how the rap  music world rules the ‘sound waves’.
  3. This is an eye-opening profile about Kevin Lee aka Coach K.
  4. Nashville is home of country music….
  5. Detroit was once the center of Mowtown
  6. …now Atlanta Georgia is the hip-hop capital of the world.
  7. Coach K guides  Migos 
  8. and helps Stefflon Don  (UK’s rising star) enter the US charts.
  9. My music world started with the Beatles
  10. …..hip-hop feels like another planet!


I’m a Proud Nuclear-Missile Owner – Teddy Wayne   [Very funny…]

  1. This was a great article using a chatty tone
  2. what you’d expect from a relaxed, funny
  3. ..buddy sitting next to you on the couch.
  4. It is a parody, a satiric or ironic imitation of a speech by a NRA member
  5. …defending his right and need to carry a weapon
  6. this case ballistic missiles!
  7. The illustration was perfect….by Luci Gutiérrez.


China’s Selfie Obsession  by Jiayang Fan     [Strange…]

  1. Meitu’s apps are changing what it means to be beautiful in China.
  2. This was actually scary.
  3. It sounds like ‘real life’  science fiction!
  4. Young Chinese become Meitu stars in their video’s.
  5. Below each video came the comments and donations of teen-aged fans
  6. Some manage to easily clear six thousand dollars a week!
  7. What are Meitu apps?
  8. About 70% of social media users in China upload at
  9. least one picture to social networks every week and
  10. …they all must be adjusted with apps like:
  11. MakeupPlus – virtually try on top and trending makeup looks
  12. Airbrush – manual photo retouch and makeup looks
  13. BeautyPlus – instantly retouch their photos and video selfies
  14. Before:
  15. After:


The Poetry of  Systems by    A. Levy    [Stark contrasts…with the hip-hop world] 

  1. I read the article about hip-hop millionaires
  2. ….who have difficulty speaking English.
  3. Take the time to …just listen to this interview with Lil Baby!
  4. One if the hip-hoppers… rented a helicopter to let
  5. $ 30.000 dollars flutter down over a group of jubilant fans!
  6. What a waste…!
  7. Now compare that story to the heartfelt words and deeds
  8. done by Ophelia Dahl (Roald’s daughter).
  9. She has been trying for more than 30 years
  10. to improve the lives  and health of the poor  through Partners in Health.
  11. This is an aid organization that Dahl co-founded when she was very young.
  12. Dahl said:
  13. “…the world’s most fortunate people had a moral obligation to investigate—
  14. and compensate for—the suffering that underlies their comfort.
  15. Dahl said:
  16. “If we can’t connect our own good fortune with the misfortune of others,
  17. ….then we’ve missed the boat completely…”
  18. Nancy thinks: 
  19. Have the Hip-Hoppers in Atlanta Georgia…missed the boat?
  20. Hmmm….I wonder.


Estonia: The Digital Republic by Nathan Heller     [#MustRead….link is HERE]


  1. This is by far THE most interesting article in this week’s magazine.
  2. The Netherlands (my place of residence) is on the digital path:
  3. 50% of mortgages are secured online, taxes are paid online.
  4. But Estonia is the ‘future’ !
  5. Formerly imperialist powers have withered into
  6. nationalism (as in Brexit) and
  7. separatism (Scotland, Catalonia).
  8. It is possible to imagine a future in which
  9. ….nationality is determined
  10. not so much by where you live ….as by what you log on to.
  11. This is amazing!  #Must Read


Contributors:  Who are these people?

  • Kelefa Sanneh – journalist and music critic. staff writer since 2008
  • Teddy Wayne –  monthly column in New York Times;  contribtuer to the New Yorker .
  • Zadie Smith – English novelist, essayist, and short-story writer
  • Anthony Lane –  English journalist, currently a film critic for The New Yorker.
  • Zoë Heller – English journalist and novelist (Notes of a  Scandal)
  • Robyn Creswellcritic, professor literature at Yale;  poetry editor The Paris Review.
  • Hua HsuAssociate professor of English; director of American Studies at Vassar.
  • Anna Scotti – poet
  • Staff writers:
  • Jiayang Fan
  • Ariel Levy
  • D.T. Max
  • Nathan Heller


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