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December 18, 2017


Readings week 50

by N@ncy



  1. Today I just read anything I came across.
  2. I treated myself to some subscriptions for literary magazines and reviews.  
  3. If  I just keep reading the same ol’ same ol’  classic fiction
  4. ….I will be missing out on all that is to be discovered!


  1. Read The Song of Hiawatha (just the last verse) by Longfellow lovely!
  2. Read In Darkling Thrust by T. Hardy…very nice.
  3. Read Tim Lilburn Where  – The Malahat Review nr 200 –  excellent
  4. Read Tim Lilburn Shame –  The Malahat Review nr 200 – disappointment

Tim Lilburn:

  1. images with emotion…but it did not brush off on me.
  2. Read Julie Paul  Esquimalt Road – couldn’t relate the first time….later it sunk in.
  3. Julie Paul has written collections of short stories that are on my Xmas wish-list:
  4. The Pull of the Moon (2014) and The Rules of the Kingdom (2017)

Julie Paul:

  1. Read The Burning Tree and Wanting It Darker by Canadian Ben Ladouceur
  2. Both poems feel like  mèh….but I just have to read them a few more times.
  3. On the General Being of Lostness by Canadian Jeff Latosik
  4. …again this one  needs more reading.
  5. How do these men win poetry prizes?
  6. These poems were in Poetry Magazine, December 2017



Read this poem… just beautiful!

Unsaid (Dana Gioia)

  1. So much of what we live goes on inside–
  2. The diaries of grief, the tongue-tied aches
  3. Of unacknowledged love are no less real
  4. For having passed unsaid. What we conceal
  5. Is always more than what we dare confide.
  6. Think of the letters that we write our dead.
  1. I managed to learn the first stanza by heart…
  2. The Darkling Thrush by T. Hardy.
  3. I keep reciting it to the cats…and they love it!
  4. Later I read my first Marianne Moore poem Poetry first published in 1919.
  5. Just think…it took nearly 100 years before this poem crossed my path.
  6. What more am I missing?

Marianne Moore


  1. Read Yeats’s poem: Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven (beautiful)
  2. Read Browning’s poem: Meeting at Night (beautiful)
  3. Ordered: 1 yr sub to ‘The Dublin Review’ – 4  issues per year
  4. I….want to read more Irish!
  5. Reading: Why Poetry?
  6. I’m introduced to many new poems ( …practically all poems are new to me).
  7. This morning: I felt a Funeral, in my Brain by Emily Dickinson.
  8. I learned about Adrienne Rich and her legacy.
  9. Her poem ‘Rape’ is in the book.
  10. I could not resist ordering  Anne Carson‘s book
  11. …Men in the Off Hours: book of shorter poems .
  12. I feel I am catching up on all the my years ‘without poetry’.


UPDATE: 15.12.2017

  1. Finished book Why Poetry?  (M. Zapruder, 2017).
  2. It was wonderful.

Matthew Zapruder:

POET Zapruder index

  1. Tried to read Tim Lilburns’ Shame once again…I give up on this guy!
  2. The Irish Times and a section ‘Poem of the Day:
  3. Read Martina Evans’s  poem
  4. …Time Wounds All Heels her memories yet I’m unimpressed.
  5. Read Kevin Higgins poem Exit, a Brexit –   (quirky political satire…it works!)
  6. Read Daragh Bradish poem Bacarolle – …don’t feel anything for this poem, nothing!


UPDATE: 16.12.2017

  1. I will re-read 3 poems from the Irish Times once more.
  2. Evans’s  poem still just has a hint of nostalgia
  3. …but not enough to  give one a skin shiver.
  4. Higgins’s poem is  very funny (satire)  and Bradish just fizzled out again!


Kevin Higgins:


Exit, for Brexit  (Kevin Higgins)

There will be no more thunderstorms
sent across the Channel by the French,
no acid rain floating in from Belgium.
Pizza Hut will offer a choice of
Yorkshire Pudding or Yorkshire Pudding.

You’ll spend the next twenty-seven bank holidays
dismantling everything you ever bought from IKEA.
The electric shower your plumber,
Pavel, put in last week will be taken out
and you’ll be given the number of a bloke
who’s pure Billericay. Those used to caviar
will have jellied eels forced
down their magnificent throats.
Every fish and chip shop
on the Costa del Sol will in time
be relocated to Ramsgate or Carlisle.

All paving stones laid by the Irish
will be torn up to make work
for blokes who’ve been on the sick
since nineteen seventy-six.
Those alleged to be involved in secretly
making spaghetti bolognaise
will be arrested and held
in a detention centre near Dover. Sausage dogs
will be put in rubber dinghies
and pointed in the general direction
of the Fatherland. Neatly sliced
French sticks topped with pâté
will make way for fried bread
lathered with Marmite.

There’ll be no more of those new
names for coffee your gran
can’t pronounce. The entire royal family
will be shipped back to Bavaria, with the exception
of the Duke of Edinburgh who’ll be given
a one-way ticket to Athens. Curry
will no longer by compulsory
after every twelfth pint of Stella,
which itself will only be available
by special permission of the Foreign Office.

We’ll give India back its tea, sit around increasingly
bellicose campfires in our rusting iron helmets,
our tankards overflowing with traditional Norse mead.


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  1. tracybham
    Dec 24 2017

    It is amazing the depth and breadth of your reading. I keep saying that but it so true. I have expanded to a few classics but mostly my reading is genre fiction, and primarily mysteries.


    • Dec 24 2017

      With your depth of reading (fiction, mysteries) you’ve become an expert! You’ve shown me that how much fun CF can be!
      I like to do different things: travel books i.e. On the Trail of Genghis Khan (T. Cope)…I will never forget the young Australian Tim Cope’s epic journey with his horses and beloved dog Tigon!

      Non-Fiction…brings me new insights.. “Female Bodies in American Theatre” (see review on blog)….I discovered how Tennessee Williams use ‘fat behavior’ to characterize his women in 3 of his plays. Now it is poetry…M. Zapruder’s book “Why Poetry?” is a great place to start….very readable and NOT academic!
      Biography….reading ‘Path to Power‘ (R. Caro) I’m finally understanding LBJ’s impact on history. He was not just the vice-president JFK was desperate to ignore and shut out of decisions (…turning to his brother RFK…instead)
      Whatever you read….the important thing is you are having fun!
      Thanks as always for your comments, Tracy!



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