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December 12, 2017


The Best Australian Essays 2016

by N@ncy

  • Editor: G. Williamson
  • Title: The Best Australian Essays 2016
  • Published: 2016


Geordie Williamson (editor)

  1. He was for several years chief literary critic of he former chief literary critic of the Australian.
  2. He is now the Publisher at Picador Australia.
  3. Geordie Williamson won the 2011 Pascall Prize for Criticism.
  4. He edited the 2015 and 2016 editions of The Best Australian Essays.



  1. Australia has much to celebrate in its non-fiction writing.
  2. This is a collection of personal experiences, culture and politics.
  3. The writing is very good!
  4. Strongest point of this book:
  5. Introduced me to some extraordinary writers!
  6. …that I would never have discovered!
  7. The essays I liked the most were ‘personal essays’.
  8. Essays are more real than fiction….
  9. The personal essay is like an offering, a hand
  10. ….reaching out in a gesture of connection.
  11. Maggie MackellarWillie Wagtail…..that help with Mackellar’s grief!
  12. Tegan Bennett Daylight – clever metaphor…is the  solution to the problem!
  13. Anna Spargo-Ryan: – heartwarming essay that gave me a ‘good feeling’ !


Other essays……

  1. Rebecca Giggs: I’ll never look at a whale in the same way.
  2. Melinda Harvey – insights about…the E. Ferrante novels.
  3. Helen Garner – interesting fragments from iconic writer.
  4. Jennifer Millswell-researched…environment warning to us all
  5. Ashley Hayweather has the power to change people’s lives.
  6. M. de Kretser – my first introduction to Randolph Stow
  7. Jo Chandler – …amazing Great Barrier Coral Reef!
  8. Gregory Day and Peter Goldsworthy – review of poem collections
  9. J.M. Coetzee (Nobel Prize winner 2003) ‘ introduction to book The Good Soldier.
  10. James Bradley – essay David Bowie
  11. music is the way we remember ourselves
  12. ……to the connection to the people we once were.”
  13. Julian Burnsidebarrister…...was “no holds barred” !
  14. His essay:  “What Kind of a Country are We?”


Last thoughts:

  1.  There are many writers I have yet to discover.
  2. Editor G. Williamson has made some hard decisions and
  3. narrowed his selections to 29 TOP Australian essays 2016.
  4. This is a perfect Xmas gift for the
  5. person on your shopping list that keeps saying:
  6. “I don’t have time to read a long book!”
  7. You can read an essay….with your morning coffee!
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  1. I keep seeing these Australian books pass by and feel very badly that I have not yet had time to participate in Brona’s read-along. Thanks for keeping me inspired!


    • Dec 13 2017

      i needed help finding interesting Australian books to read…..Brona’s Books has many links and reveiws I could peruse! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Dec 21 2017

    I ‘met’ Geordie Williamson earlier on this year when I attended an honouring-the-author event at the Library of NSW. We were honouring Jessica Anderson (who I read during #AusReadingMonth) and he admires a lot (which is why he was invited to chair the discussion). He was a lovely, gentle, thoughtful man – & you might like to read his review of Thea Astley –


    • Dec 23 2017

      Thanks so much for the link….and sorry my reaction is a bit late! I’ve been so busy ‘cooking up a storm’ in the pre-Christmas kitchen! Today the stores will be mobbed and I have all my ingredients! So let the games begin! What is your family’s favorite culinary tradition for Xmas?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jan 5 2018

        Aunty Vicki entrusted my with her glazed ham recipe. This year I did it on my own in her honour (Mr Books did help, of course, he’s good like that). But it was a bit hard to get excited about the whole thing this time round.


  3. Jan 5 2018

    At moments like Christmas with some place settings that remain empty…give it time. Hope your ham with glaze made Aunt Vicki proud.



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