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December 7, 2017

Quick Reads 5-7 December

by N@ncy

Finish date: 05 December 2017
Genre: fiction
Rating: A
Review:   Short listed for Miles Franklin Award 2017…
I read this book in 24 hours. I was fascinated by the profiles of Australian authors I never heard of! The story of Matilda Young (poet)…touched a heartstring and Stephen Pennington’s life long struggle to write A. Fernsby’s biography was a page-turner. This is an excellent book…that engaged and entertained me. That is what good books do!

  1. Update: 05 December 2017 (Carol on Goodreads)
  2. Sounds great – I’m looking forward to it. But this book is fiction.
  3. These are not real writers so
  4. ….it’s not surprising you’ve never heard of them.
  5. Not that that really matters, I guess.
  6. I’m assuming it’s all an elaborate joke?
  7. Update: 06 December 2017
  8. I really thought these writers were real! OMG
  9. Thank you Carol….for setting me straight.
  10. The joke is on me!


Finish date: 07 December 2017
Genre: fiction
Rating: C+
Review: This book is yet another ‘fin de siècle’ novel about the marriage in England. It describes two couples of ‘good people’ living according to codes maintained by their class.
The tone is tragic and I closed this book with a feeling of relief. The characters keep ‘doing the right thing’ but end up bitter (Leonora) mad (Nancy), dead (Florence and Edward) or bemused (narrator) without finding a drop of redemption along the way.
This is on the Modern Library 100 Best Novels list and deservedly so.
The book just could not charm this reader but others may get value out of it.



Finish date: 06 December 2017
Genre: Crime fiction
Rating: B
Review: Poirot has method in his madness.
Who handed Mrs. Ingelthorp the coffee on the fatal night?
One must find the missing ‘other’ coffee cup!
Smoking gun? Last will and testament found destroyed
in the grate of Mrs. Ingelthorp’s fireplace.
Poiroit knows someone is guilty
but he has to have the evidence
Until he finds the last link in the chain
….he must stay behind the scenes.
Agatha Christie is…

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