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November 25, 2017


A Town Like Alice

by N@ncy

Author: Nevil Shute (1899-1960)
Title: A Town Like Alice (1950)
Genre: fiction (Australian classic)
Trivia: (NT)  #AusReadingMonth @Brona’s Books

BINGO COMPLETED!!  I went ‘the whole hog’ !!

  • If you’re feeling a little touched by the sun, then
  • …the Whole Hog may be for you.
  • Read NINE books this November from all of the 8 states and territories
  • …plus one freebie.
  • The FREEBIE can be any book by an Australian author or
  • or a   book written by an overseas author but set entirely in Australia.



  1. Noel Strachan, an ageing and widowed solicitor,
  2. …had almost forgotten his client Douglas Macfadden
  3. …when in 1948 he received a telegram announcing his death.
  4. Strachan becomes trustee to McFadden’s niece Jean Paget
  5. who has inherited quite substantial sum from her uncle.
  6. The real story swings into action:
  7. Jean’s WW II experiences in Malaya and
  8. what takes her to Australia is as much a
  9. …surprise for her as it is for the reader.



  1. This was a delightful story.   
  2. Jean’s work in England as a typist, her hardships during the
  3. WWII and most of all her adventures in Australia.
  4. It is a war story, a love story and how one person can change a town.
  5. I followed Jean Paget’s journeys on a map…
  6. flying from Darwin to Alice Springs to Carins and back in a Dragon!

  1. Reading A Town Like Alice felt like a road trip ‘in a road trip’
  2. Title: the only reference to it is in chapter 10.
  3. A book should whisk the reader on a ‘magic carpet’ to far off places.
  4. After reading  A Town Like Alice I would love to visit Brisbane.
  5. Carins, Alice Springs and if I really could dream….
  6. visit Green Island where Jean and Joe
  7. …finally pledged their love for each other.

Last thoughts:

  1. I’ve read 3 books by Nevil Shute… (all during past.. #AusReadingMonth )
  2. On the Beach (1957)
  3. Trustee from the Toolroom (1960) and
  4. A Town Like Alice (1950).
  5. I saved the best for last!
  6. #GreatAussieRead
  7. #Inspiring
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  1. Nov 25 2017

    I ‘discovered’ this book when I was 13. A new TV mini-series aired starting Bryan Brown, Helen Morse & Gordon Jackson at the time …& I fell in love. I read the book not long after & realised that there were lots of differences. The romance more complicated and less romantic that my young teenage self could cope with .

    I’d love to reread it as an adult.

    Congrats on finishing the AusBingo challenge – you’ve faired better than I !!


    • Nov 25 2017

      I’ve just been inspired throughout the years (1st #AusReadingMonth year read just one book… On the Beach). Later I spent 3 weeks Reading Australia Felix (R Mahoney). You gave met lists of prize winners and 50 Classic Australian books (J. Gleeson) and I managed to raise the bar last year ( read 6 books). This year I dedicated the entire month to Australia….and never looked back! Great books are still yet to be discovered…and I finally know where Tasmania is on the map!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nov 25 2017

    I read this in school because it was on the book list for our English Lit. In the end it wasn’t one of those we studied in depth but I loved this book back then!! Makes me wonder though what I’d think if I read it now – sounds like I might pick up things that my fifteen year old self missed!!!!


    • Nov 25 2017

      I loved this book. It just shows you how one person can change a town!
      Thanks for your comments!



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