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November 8, 2017


AusReadingMonth 2017 week 2

by N@ncy


Where are you reading your books?

  1. I took a long weekend to the Frisian Island Vlieland
  2. …and read my Australian books there!
  3. I took the boat trip (1,5 hrs) from Harlingen to Vlieland.


  1. The boat makes 3 trips a day to the island….
  2. Here is the boat arriving at Vlieland under a rainbow!

It was a chilly day at the beach….but a wonderful time to contemplate….how good life is!

Weather on the North Sea  is at times…..dazzling!

…but we all know…the sun will come out again!


No island is without a lighthouse!



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  1. Nov 8 2017

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures!


    • Nov 8 2017

      There are Dutch and German islands along the coast lines….
      I’ve traveled to many a place….but truly all I need is a small island on the North Sea!


  2. Nov 8 2017

    Nancy I love this post so much!
    Thanks for showing us such a magnificent part of your world. The dramatic clouds & rainbow are wonderful.


    • Nov 9 2017

      And I loved seeing the lovely pic of you too xo


    • Nov 9 2017

      Why does a very small island have such gravitational pull on me? I leave the roar of NL figher jets doing their training flights at the air-force base near my home. I leave the roar of the trucks and cars that disturb my audio book during my 5 k walk.
      I leave the roar of the crowd in the supermarket.
      Vlieland is the time to “stop the world – I want to get off.”

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