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November 1, 2017


Salt Water

by N@ncy

Author: Cathy McLennan
Title: Salt Water
Genre: memoir
Published: 2016
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McLennan describes her book as a memoir.

  1. It based on the recollection of the facts about several court cases,
  2. her personal diaries, newspaper articles and  judicial sentencing remarks.
  3. Theme: McLennan highlights indigenous issues to give us a better understanding of the problems.
  4. Time of self-reflection:
  5. McLennan reflected on her experience in the justice system.
  6. Title: refers to page 38.
  7. McLennan describes her feelings while swimming under salt water:
  8. “Under the sea it’s silent, the sounds of the world above vanish.”
  9. Strong point: McLennan does a great job recounting her cases and
  10. …all the emotions and efforts of those involved.



Salt Water won University of Queensland
Non-Fiction Book Award 2017.
I read the book based on this recommendation.
I admit that I was expecting something else.
As I read the book I kept waiting for it to develop.  It didn’t.
I was looking for items often in memoirs:
turning point in the author’s life
role-models or mentors who inspired the author
world event that changed the author’s view on life.
This was just a different sort of memoir.
It did not leave a lasting impression on me.
It was just not my cup of tea, but others may enjoy the book!

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  1. Nov 1 2017

    The problem of teenage Aboriginals being locked up (& what happens to them in there – ‘death in custody’ is the phrase used in the media) is a big issue in Australia akin to the disparity of black Americans imprisoned at a much higher rate than white Americans.

    The Palm Island case was a BIG thing in the media here & I always thought this book was more a case study of a trail and an isolated population (a moment in history story) rather than a memoir, but I haven’t read the book…

    Thanks for being the first review for #AusReadingMonth 🙂


    • Nov 2 2017

      The impact of the Palm Island case must have been explosive in Australia….but being on the other side of the world, I had not heard of it. The book is about th case…..but I expected to read more about McLennan herself. That is the reason the book left me a bit empty.
      Moving on….I’m glad #AusReadingMonth2017 has started and have so many books to share with you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nov 2 2017

    You’re definitely on the ball, Nancy! I’ve only got one definite book so far for the month but I always get ideas once I start. Enjoy your reading.


    • Nov 2 2017

      I always enjoy your choices….and glad to join you in #AusReadingMonth2017!



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