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October 30, 2017


#NonFicNov 2017 Week 1

by N@ncy

  • Week 1: (Oct 30 to Nov 3) – Julie at  JulzReads:   
  • Your Year in Nonfiction
  • #NonFicNov


  1. Time to share my year of non-fiction and answer a few questions about the books.
  2. I discovered audio books are a great way to keep reading while commuting
  3. …or doing housework!
  4. I read a few non-fiction books in French.
  5. Interesting but they …take  so long to read (vocabulary issues).


Non-fiction:  2017  ( AB= audio book)

Badinter, E. – Le pouvoir au féminin
Watson, D. –  The Bush
Brodsky, J. – On Grief and Reason
Barry, B. – Georgiana Molloy: The Mind That Shines
Canetti, E. – The Voices of Marrakesh
Du Bois, W.E.B. – Of Our Spiritual Strivings
Franklin, R. – Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life  (AB)
Eltchanihoff, M. –  Dans la tête de Marine Le Pen
Fosse, J. –  An Angle Walks Through the Stage
Galbraith, J.K. – The Great Crash, 1929 (AB)
Veil, S. – Un Vie
Greenwald, G. – No Place to  Hide
Trumpington, J. – Coming Up Trumps: A Memoir (AB)
Hegarty, N. – The Story of Ireland
White, E.B. – Collection of Essays  (AB)
Hochschild, A. – Strangers in their own Land
Brands, H.W. – The General and the President  (AB)
Tye, Larry – Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon  (AB)
Jablonka, I. – Laëtitia
Sophocles’ ‘Oepidus The King: a Reader’s Guide – S. Sheehan
Jones, L. – Foxes Unearthed
Kaplan, G. – Bird Minds
Peraino, K. – A Force So Swift: Mao, Truman and Birth of Modern China  (AB)

Brown, E. – The Bloody Mary Book
Lee, L. – Village Christmas
Massimino, M. – Spaceman
Levingston, S. – Kennedy and King  (AB)
Lamb, K. – Thea Astley: Inventing Her Own Weather
Massie, R. –  Catherine the Great
McCoole, S. – Easter Widows
Ogien, R. – My Thousand and One Nights
Prescott, T. – Neil Gaiman in the 21st Century
Rebanks, J. – The Shepherd’s Life
Katz, Yaakov – Weapon Wizards
Robinson, M. – The Death of Adam
Verdier, F. – Passagère du Silence
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – Dear Ijeawele
Sayarer, J. Interstate
Lewis-Stempel, J. – The Running Hare
Sinha, M. – The Slave’s Cause
Wood, L. – Walking the Nile
Shestokas, D. – Constitutional Sound Bites
Briant, L. – Propaganda and Counter-Terrorism
Lahr, J. – Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh: Tennessee Williams
White, R.C. – American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant
Tuchman, B. – A Distant Mirror

Viner, K. – How Technology Disrupted The Truth
De Tocqueville, A. – Democracy in America (AB)
Plutarch – Plutarch’s Lives
Paxton, R. – The Anatomy of Fascism  (AB)
Meade, M. – Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This
Paine, T. – Common Sense
Leovy, J. – Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America  (AB)
Plato – The Republic
Yong, E. – I Contain Multitudes
Madigan, K. – Medieval Christianity: A New History
Sands, P. – East West Street 


What was your favorite nonfiction read of the year?   The best book has to be about a writer who has delighted many readers….but do you know what influenced Jackson so she could send shivers down our spines?

Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life  by R. FranklinNational Book Critic’s Circle Award Biography 2016


What nonfiction book have you recommended the most?

I would recommend reading more  literary biographies…but discover authors outside the US or UK! Australia has a tremendous number of writers to read.  Here is one of my favorites. Once you know more about the personal life of an author …their books take on a whole new dimension!

Thea Astley: Inventing Her Own Weather   by K. Lamb (Australian writer) – Shortlist National Biography Award (Australia) 2016.

What is one topic or type of nonfiction you haven’t read enough of yet?  I want  to read more travel books – books about other countries. I  use #WorldFromMyArmchair to collect my readings. I love to travel….but hate to leave the house!  In 2018 I hope to read at least  1 travel book a month! This was my favorite ‘travel’ book of the year…

The Bush by Don Watson – Book of the Year Non-Fiction 2015 Queensland Literary Award


What are you hoping to get out of participating in Nonfiction November?

New books to add to my  non-fiction TBR!




Read more from non-fiction
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  1. Oct 30 2017

    Well. you certainly have me beat in terms of the number of nonfiction books you’ve read so far this year. Bravo. I think I will look for the Shirley Jackson biography. It sounds good. Nonfiction November


    • Oct 30 2017

      Non-fiction is my favorite genre.
      I read one at least 1x a week!
      Shirley Jackson….troubled soul…..writing genius, I hope more people take the time to read about her ‘real’ ‘haunted life.”
      Thanks so much for your comments!


  2. Oct 30 2017

    I wish I was better at listening to audiobooks but my brain tends to zone out 😦 I look forward to going through your reviews later this week.


    • Oct 30 2017

      I use an IPOD and the Audible app.
      When I hear something I want to remember and come back to….(good quote, or a thought I had while reading)…I just click on ‘hold’ and there is a button in the app
      “Your clip and bookmark has been saved” . You can also add a note.
      That helps me when I’m writing a review. I agree…’zone out’ does happen. I use the 30 min timer on the app so the IPOD stops before I fall asleep while listening to a book!
      Hope you find some books on my list that interest you….thanks for your comments!


  3. Oct 31 2017

    I love audiobooks, too, and especially enjoy listening to nonfiction. They allow me to fit more books into my life. The sleep timer is very useful, but I need to get better about using the bookmark feature… it would make writing reviews so much easier.


    • Oct 31 2017

      One audio book I really enjoyed was Ghettoside (see ist for review) written by an LA Times journaist. She was able to balance the raw numbers of violent deaths among black Americans with a very human side of the story. I almost choose it as ‘best’ but I still love books about writers! Thanks for your comments!


      • Oct 31 2017

        I borrowed Ghettoside from the library last year, but only got to read a chapter or two before it was due. Have been meaning to get back to it ever since, but will check out the audio instead. Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Oct 31 2017

    I feel very ashamed that I have yet to follow your advice about reading Astley’s bio. I have every intention of reading it, it sounds like the kind of thing I would love, but so many other books get in the way thanks to my work! Once it has moved out of the year of publication it’s harder for me to justify reading it (until I retire!!) with all the shiny new releases constantly demanding attention.

    The same thing has happened to Don Watson…but thank you for promoting some Aussies books 🙂


    • Oct 31 2017

      Oh, there are so many books….and so little time! I’m just so thankful via Brona’s Books I’ve discovered some wonderful books from Aussie…that I never would have read! Thanks for your comments….and just one more day…then #AusReadingMonth2017 . Everyone can still join.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oct 31 2017

    *whistles* Now that is a list! Nice!

    I hadn’t heard about that Shirley Jackson book and just skipped off for a minute to add it to my tbr list. Looks excellent, and I love her fiction so much.

    I am aiming to continue my current memoir binge this month, even though it will mean making a few purchases… Just posted about it overe here, if you’re interested:


    • Oct 31 2017

      Thanks for you kind words….and I hope you enjoy Shirely Jackson’s book . I have a look at your list now!


  6. Sarah's Book Shelves
    Oct 31 2017

    Audiobooks have single-handedly changed my nonfiction reading! All I listen to on audio is nonfiction, so it’s really improved my nonfiction book count the past 2 years.


    • Oct 31 2017

      I agree completely! It is like listening to a documentary….with the movie! Especially with books about recent history ( WWII, Truman, Gen MacArthur, Korean War, Mao and modern China)…I let the facts in the audio book mingle with what I DO know. Often I think what my parents were doing…sounds strange but they experienced it all ‘real time’…but I was not old enough to ever ask them about it. Now I can only use my imagination. Thanks for your comments….and I wil look at your list…again, tonight! Have a great NonFicNov!


  7. Nov 1 2017

    I’m like Ellie; I have trouble paying attention to audiobooks. My mind wanders too much!
    That is awesome that you are reading nonfiction written in French! I am trying to learn Italian, and I can ALMOST read very simple children’s books. Not sure I’ll ever be able to read nonfiction Italian though!


    • Nov 1 2017

      Reading non fiction in French does take some dedication, coffee and jar full of cookies! But there are a few books that will probably never be translated into English. Passegère du Silence (see list for review link) (F. Verdier) is one of them. Young woman went to China for 10 years to learn calligraphy and the philosophy behind the ancient art. I can only manage 6 NF in French a year ….
      Biography is the easiest because I can cross check facts in Wikipedia if needed. It gives me some basic info that I can expect in the French book. This year bio of Chateaubriand and Fouché ar on the TBR.


  8. Nov 1 2017

    Wow, you have read a lot of nonfiction this year! I actually have surprisingly little interest in travel nonfiction. I always expect that it will just make me jealous, although I’ve not even read enough to be sure that’s true!


    • Nov 1 2017

      This is the least favorite of my books genres. Sometimes there is a ‘human story’ in there but I have to read many pages to find it. Feel like a lot of effort….for a few gems of wisdom! But I do have a few on my to read list, so I will give it a chance! (Deep South, P. Theroux and River Town by P. Hessler)


  9. Nov 3 2017

    You’ve read so much non-fiction this year! I will definitely have to check out Shirley Jackson’s book … I just bought two of her books and remember reading The Haunting of Hill House years ago. I love reading biographies and memoirs of horror authors. Good luck this month!


    • Nov 3 2017

      Thanks so much for your comments….reading the biography is so much fun!


  10. I just read The Haunting of Hill House over Halloween and it made me interested to read the biography. I think Jackson has been seriously underrated but is finally getting more attention these days.


    • Nov 4 2017

      Shirley Jackson lived in the shadow of her mother….wrote in the shadow of her husband (lit scholar at Bennington Univ + contrib to the New Yorker).
      But she had had the ‘last laugh’ No one remembers her mother, rarely her husband
      and we still love her books! Justice has been done! Thanks for your commets!

      Liked by 1 person


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