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October 14, 2017


Love My Garden…the autumn colors

by N@ncy

14 October 2017


The autumn garden: (De herfsttuin)

  1. Heuchera Indian summer the most intense colors can be found in planters on the fence.
  2. These plants can even survive the winter!
  3. Pink Scotch Heather (heideplanten, Calluna vulgaris) is another sturdy winter plant
  4. …that will give the garden color.
  5. Chrysanthemums (bolchrysanten) (yellow and white)….my birthday flower!
  6. The other planters are filled with tulip, crocus, grape hyacinths bulbs
  7. …that will start flowering January through May 2018!
  8. #LoveMyGarden













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  1. tracybham
    Oct 15 2017

    I love your garden too. You have me immediately, because I love plants in pots. And I love cats.


    • Oct 15 2017

      We are soulmates…..miles apart!
      My dream would be to have a house… in the country surrounded by my gardens and more cats than I have now (2). They say gardening is therapeutic and I agree with that conclusion.
      While I’m struggling with heavy bags of potting soil….back aching….I can only look back hours later at a job well done. I just sit and gaze at the flowers while having my coffee or reading a book. I look forward to Spring when the tulips, crocuses and hyacinths will pop through the soil. The cats squint and smile….they are as content as I am!


  2. Oct 16 2017

    It’s beautiful. My own talents in the garden start and finish with using the lawnmower unfortunately. But luckily I live in a rural area so beyond that lawn are fields and hills- but somehow as lovely as my view is, I prefer yours!


    • Oct 16 2017

      In my garden green and gay
      …All my troubles fade away!
      …Sweet contentment here I find
      …Joy of heart and peace of mind.



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