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September 30, 2017


The Sheltering Sky

by N@ncy



  1. The story centers on Porter Moseby and his wife Kit
  2. …a married couple originally from New York.
  3. They travel to the North African desert with  their friend Tunner.
  4. Port and Kit attempt to resolve their marital difficulties.
  5. Ironically in instead of saving a marriage….they create a love triangle.


Title:   The Sheltering Sky

  1. This refers to a sky as a solid thing…protecting Kit and Port
  2. …from what’s behind.
  3. “But what’s behind?
  4. Nothing, I suppose. Just darkness (death) (ch 13)
  5. In chapter 23 there is another  reference to death/dying.
  6. “A black star appears…in the night sky’s clarity.
  7. piercing the fine fabric of the sheltering sky, take repose.” (ch 23)


Strong point:  images of life

  1. Life is a cigarette …the first few puffs it tastes wonderful
  2. …and you don’t think if its ever being used up (ch 19)
  3. Life is a cliff… just never turn around and look back when you’re climbing.
  4. It makes you sick.



  1. This book felt like homework…a real chore.
  2. But that should not diminish its merit.
  3. I was just not up to the task
  4. …probing into the psychedelic inner world of Bowles.
  5. It’s also fairly well known that he took drugs
  6. (hashish known as kif, and majoun, a cannabis jelly)
  7. …and the effect on his writing is palpable.
  8. It glimmers with existential energy.
  9. This book should be on the top 100 novels list
  10. …but you should be #InTheMood….to read it!


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  1. Louise
    Sep 30 2017

    I read this book years ago on the advice of a friend. I got very little out of it … and like you… I did not enjoy my time with it. As I read it, I kept waiting for relief from the “sheltering sky” so I had to conclude that Bowles was a master. This is on my re-read list… if I ever get past my “to read” list.


    • Sep 30 2017

      This book was way too existential for my taste
      I even watched the movie but still failed to see why this book is on a top 100 novel list.


  2. Oct 5 2017

    I think I could make a whole blog post on my top 100 books to only read when you’re #inthemood!


    • Oct 5 2017

      Luckily November will start soon and I have my list with 9 book (the whole hog) ready for #AusReadingMonth2017. My reviews will be very short….and maybe I can read more books! November is all about AUSSIE ! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oct 6 2017

        You’re a real gem!


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