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September 3, 2017


Who Pays the Bartender?

by N@ncy


Ingredients:   Prichard’s Key Lime rum – tonic

Glass: small wine glass

  • 3 fresh mint leaves crushed in the glass
  • Add ice and…
  • 60 ml   Prichard’s Key Lime Rum
  • 60 ml   Fever-Tree tonic  ( I just filled the glass to the top!)

Garnish:  spig of fresh mint



  1. Absolutely delicious!
  2. The crushed fresh mint leaves give the cocktail  a “je ne sais quoi” !
  3. I added in a second cocktail the juice of 1 lime ( not in orginal recipe)
  4. It improved the taste with just the ‘tang’ a lime can give.
  5. I discovered the Fever – Tree tonic  by accident!
  6. It is an An aromatic and pink-tinged tonic.
  7. A blend of South American angostura bark,
  8. ….cardamom, pimento berry and ginger.
  9. This give the cocktail a beautiful pink glow!
  10. Let’s face it….with just a little creativity you can enjoy
  11. …an unforgettable  aperitif
  12. …instead of the “same-old, same-old”  beer or house wine.


Who pays the bartender?

Bar Calculator:

  • I was curious what this cocktail would cost in a bar?
  • Here are my conclusions:

@Home price?

  1. 1 lime 58 eurocent
  2. Pichard’s Key Lime Rum – 12.95  euro 700 ml ( bottle)
  3. 60 ml rum 1,11 euro
  4. 100 ml Fever-tree tonic 69 euro cents (1,39 euro 200 ml bottle)
  5. total cost cocktail2, 38 euro  ($2,81)
  6. No tips (20%)  and No employee wages

@Bar price?

  1. 15% of a drink’s price goes to paying for the drink
  2. 85% goes to employee wages, rent, and other operating expenses.
  3. Pour cost 15% = 2.38 euro
    Gross margin 85% = 13.48 euro
    total bar cost: 15,86 euro  ($18.70)

Service charge  (tip):

  • Excellent service or in a swanky bar = 20%
  • Average service 1,70 euro ( $2,00)
  • TOTAL  COST:  @home = 2,38 euro ( $2, 80)
  • TOTAL COST:   @good bar 19 euro  ($22,44)
  •  = cocktail + 20% service charge
  • You can make 6,7 cocktails at home for the
  • …price of 1 in a bar!
  • OMG !!

Don’t  forget…you pay for the view as well!  (Park Hayatt Tokyo Bar)


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  1. Sep 3 2017

    Am walking dog as read this and had been thinking ‘coffee and toast’ …… but now am thinking ‘is it too early?!’


    • Sep 3 2017

      …I know the feeling “Is it to early?” ..oh, I’m just asking for a friend!
      This is a delicious Sunday afternoon treat while your watching a soccer…Vuelta or the US Open Tennis! Lime Rum seems like a marketing stunt…
      I didn’t really taste difference….so just your ‘house rum’ is good+ 1 squeezed lime.
      No pink colored tonic? I reduced 1 c cranberry juice with 1 c sugar to make my home-made grenadine syrup. Add 1-2 tsp to this drink….en voilà it is pink!

      Just had my granola + Silver Needle white tea…and my mind is as sharp as a tack.
      Ready to start next French book …coffee is brewing as we speak!
      Have a great Sunday…en a big ‘bow-wow’ to the dog!



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