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August 23, 2017


Lincoln in the Bardo

by N@ncy

  • Author: G. Saunders
  • Title: Lincoln in the Bardo
  • Published: 2017
  • Trivia: #20BooksOfSummer Challenge
  • Trivia: Short list  #ManBooker2017



  1. Although the novel has small historical
  2. …entries and background information
  3. …I was very disappointed with the rest of the book.
  4. The main storyline of the novel covers the course of one night.
  5. The main narrative concerns Willie Lincoln’s first (and only) night in the bardo.
  6. Bardo = intermediate state shortly after death before passing on the hereafter.
  7. I expected more Lincoln
  8. ….and got a lot of  chit-chat with quirky ghosts in the bardo.
  9. They relate anecdotes about their lives.
  10. Boring.
  11. If I read the paperback book
  12. ….I probably would have abandoned it.
  13. Since I used the audio book
  14. ….I just put on my earphones
  15. and kept walking until I reached my front door.
  16. Will this book win The Man Booker Award?
  17. Not getting my vote!


Last thoughts:

  1. Once again there was no planning.
  2. It was just hit and miss.
  3. I just choose a book from the short list
  4. …. and was very disappointed.
  5. I should have selected
  6. Mohsin Hamid, Colson Whitehead
  7. …or Zadie Smith.
  8. I’m sure one of these 3 books will win!

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  1. Aug 24 2017

    I’m enjoying this far more than you. But I started off feeling very dubious and sceptical. I would have liked more of the historical record too, but I knew about the whole ghost thing, so I was prepared.
    You read fast! I still have the last little bit to go. But a staff dinner tonight has meant I’m too tired to do it the night – oh well, there’s always tomorrow!


    • Aug 24 2017

      Using a audio book…..helped me keep reading..
      walking, cooking, biking, grocery shopping…..
      It really is the best way to read ‘quirky’ fiction or complex non-fiction books.


  2. Feb 10 2018

    I loved History of Wolves. I did not love Bardo.



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