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July 30, 2017

Hug your dog start reading!

by N@ncy

Illustration:  M. Ulriksen in his book Dogs Rule, Nonchalantly


  1. Lists were my downfall in June.
  2. I was drowning in them…..trying to come up for air.
  3. After many weeks reading where my mood took me
  4. BARTENDING at La Floridita Bar in Havana (for Hemingway)
  5. CHASING  a corrupt  wheeler-dealer in New Jersey (CF)
  6. WATCHING  history unfold during the Civil Rights Movement 1960-63 (history)
  7. TIME-TRAVELING back to the Middle Ages in the middle of The Plague (SF)
  8. …it is time to get back to some structure in my reading.
  9. Brona@brona’sbooks posted her LONG AND SHORT OF IT comments
  10. and now I will choose a few books from her lists…and start reading!


Aussie Read:

Waiting  by P. Salom – shortlist Miles Franklin Award

Philip Salom is well known as a poet and believes this background helped create the mischievous narrator for his acclaimed novel Waiting.

Waiting revolves around four central figures. Big and Little, two of the world’s marginal people, live in a rooming house in inner Melbourne. Jasmin is from another world. She teaches semiotics at a university. Angus, the landscaper who ost his house in a fire in the Adelaide Hills.


UK Read : 

Lincoln in the Brado  by G. Saunders –  longlist Man Booker Award

Now 58, Saunders has written four short story collections and one full length novel: Lincoln in the Bardo, which explores the short life and death of US President Abraham Lincoln’s son Willie.


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