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July 21, 2017


The Martian

by N@ncy

  • Author: A. Weir
  • Title: The Martian
  • Published: 2014
  • Trivia:  log book is divided into ‘sols’  = 39 minutes longer than one day
  • Trivia: Finalist 2014 Audie Awards (Science Fiction)
  • An Audie Award bestowed annually in the United States,
  • recognizes outstanding audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment.
  • The award is given in 30 categories…
  • ….the Oscars of the audiobook industry.
  • #20BooksOfSummer



  1. Watney is  alone on Mars after surviving a horrific dust storm.
  2. In addition to a limited supply of food and water,
  3. Mark Watney has no idea how he’s going to make contact
  4. with another human being or how he’ll get home.


Book:   style

  1. Log book: Mark Watney who is stranded on Mars notes down or ‘log’ what he has done.
  2. A log gives you an accurate record of a process and helps you
  3. …reflect on past actions and make better decisions for future actions.
  4. Occasionally there is just one reflective sentence i.e.
  5. “I wonder how the Cubs are doing.” (pg 12)
  6. First sentence ch 1: “I’m pretty much fucked.”
  7. Last sentence ch 1:  “So, yeah. I’m fucked.”
  8. Between these two lines the reader is flooded with Mark Watney’s
  9. …calculations for survival  on Mars.
  10. At times my eyes/ears (audio) glazed over waiting for more interesting words.
  11. Over time the reader is transported back to earth.
  12. Via satellite images NASA discovers that  Mark is still alive….


Truncated sentences:

  1. These short sentences are make
  2. …communication more casual and conversational.
  3. Start of a paragraph  to grab attention: 
  4. Ugh! This is backbreaking work! (sol 15)
  5. This may be my last entry (sol 33)
  6. Well, I didn’t die. (sol 33 (2))
  7. At the end to summarise:
  8. Fix the damn radio. ( sol 9)
  9. Bleh. I’m going to bed. (20l 25)
  10. Time will tell. (sol 30)
  11. Make an impact, create punch and make a point:
  12. I’m going to be setting a fire. In the hab. On purpose. (sol 32)

Vocabulary:   is very informal:

  1. Blah, blah, blah
  2. We got whacked
  3. Blood came in behind […] reduced to gunk
  4. Crappy TV shows (vulgar slang)
  5. Chemistry being the sloppy bitch it is… (vulgar slang)
  6. Weir includes the word I just hate:
  7. awesome   (13x) …just overused everywhere!


Stong point:

  1. The audio book was better than….reading the book!
  2. I never thought I would say that. Ever. (truncated sentence for impact!)
  3. This book is a conversation with quips, jokes, slang  Mark has with himself.
  4. He thinks he’s clever and he WILL survive…”Rimshot” (sol 385)
  5. ….at other times he is bored, depressed
  6. and needs a break from thinking, surviving.
  7. He listens to disco left behind by the  commander and
  8. …episodes of Three’s Company.



  1. The book is  a technical step-for-step plan for survival on Mars.
  2. Andy  Weir has a breadth scientific knowledge and
  3. has studied the Urban dictionary cover to cover !
  4. “The hab (tent) looks pretty ‘ghetto’ now.” (pg 265)
  5. Mark Watney is an endearing
  6. …astronaut with a wonderful sense of humor
  7.  and a ‘redneck’  attitude.
  8. Booyah!


Last thoughts:

  1. I’m not a SF or fantasy fan and…
  2. I only read it because it was finalist in the Audie awards 2015.
  3. This book surprised me.
  5. I enjoyed Mark Watney because:
  6. surprising readiness to celebrate failure (‘So yeah. I’m screwed)
  7. He loves small pleasures:
  8. 1970’s TV shows on laptop
  9. Agatha Christie Evil Under the Sun
  10. …and he asks NASA for music…anything but disco!
  11. The sentences are thrilling  filled with exactitude
  12. …about his calculations of survival.
  13. Do yourself a favor….listen to AUDIO book
  14. …you won’t regret it!

Update: 04.aug.2016

  1. I watched the movie…..
  2. and the script was missing the ‘deadpan’ Matt Damon humor!
  3. Felt like pie without the filling!


On June 12 2017 NASA’s Kennedy Space Center unveiled a robotic Mars rover that will launch in 2020 and will land on the planet by 2021.

Mars is closer than you think!


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  1. Jul 21 2017

    I loved this book too. It was also a big hit with my book club; we had one member gush that is was “unputdownable”. 🙂 I thought the film with Matt Damon was quite good also!


    • Jul 21 2017

      I’m going to watch the film tonight! When the countdown began to bring Watney off Mars….I stopped washing the dishes….and listened! Great audio book..


  2. Anonymous
    Jul 22 2017

    The movie is thoroughly enjoyable too – may favourite line is – lets science the shit out of this!


  3. Jul 22 2017

    That was me 😊


    • Jul 22 2017

      I was too tired to watch the movie last night….so I’ll try to see it Sunday!

      Liked by 1 person


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