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July 19, 2017

The New Yorker 10 and 17 July 2017

by N@ncy

COVER:                       Off the Leash    Dogs are Mark Ulriksen’s  favorite subject to draw!

Who is Mark Ulriksen?

  1. He is  a San Francisco California based artist whose
  2. …work has appeared on the cover of The New Yorker 48 times since 1994.
  3. Ulriksen’s cover for the February 27, 2006 edition of The New Yorker
  4. …won the 2006 an award for Best News Magazine Cover.
  5. The cover is titled Watch Your Back Mountain.
  6. It was prompted by the hunting incident of Vice President Dick Cheney.


  1. The BEST WRITERS   in this issue are:
  2. Hilton Als and book critic Jane Kramer.
  3. Hilton Als : Theater critic
  4. a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1994, has been
  5. ….awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism.
  6. Jane Kramer: Book critic
  7. a staff writer at The New Yorker since 1964.



  • Hilton Als reviews  Marvin’s Room by S. McPherson and
  • ‘1984’ by G. Orwell (adapted by R. Icke and D. Macmillan)
  • Illustration for ‘Marvin’s Room’ is  wonderful in The New Yorker.
  • Unfortunately the  image cannot be copied so here is the
  • link for  the illustrator’s web site Chris Gash.
  • You can see his illustration there.

Marvin’s Room by Scott McPherson:

  1. The play turns around the characters
  2. dealing literally with confrontations with death at the core of the plot.
  3. The stage  performance is a single set  and an intense evening.
  4. Hilton Als’  review is refreshingly ‘critical’ as
  5. ….opposed to the movie reviews of Anthony Lane. (I don’t read them anymore….)
  6. A well-reviewed TV show, movie or play encourages people to watch it.
  7. But a good production  that appeals to the public
  8. …will generally rake it in at the box office despite evoking critical ire.
  9. So I hope critics keep doing their job…don’t be likeable…be honest.
  10. The play is being staged in the
  11. Roundabout Theatre Company, NYC (June 8 – August 27).
  12. This image is copied from the theater’s website.

  • I discovered two yearly drama awards in this article: THE OUTER CRITIC’S CIRCLE
  • …and the DRAMA DESK AWARDS.
  • If you are looking for a great play to read perhaps you will find
  • …some suggestions from the lists of current and previous winners.

“1984”  playing at The Hudson Theatre Broadway, NYC

  1. Following four wildly successful U.K. runs, the new stage
  2. adaptation of George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece comes to New York.
  3. R. Icke and D. Macmillan’s  weakness in the adaptation of Orwell’s classic 1949 novel
  4. …and their thoughts how to dramatize it
  5. …resulted in a play that is more than the audience can handle!
  6. This is a measure of our limitation as audience members….not of their talent.


BOOK:        PRUSSIAN BLUE  by Philip Kerr

Jane Kramer: Book critic –  staff writer at The New Yorker since 1964.


  1. Prussian Blue, whose plot takes in high crime, sexual scandal, financial fraud,
  2. methamphetamines, and murder in Hitler’s Alpine dystopia
  3. during the week before the Führer’s fiftieth birthday.
  4. Philip Kerr‘s Bernie Gunther solves crimes for Nazi Germany.
  5. Why do we like him so much?
  6. Bernie  is one of crime fiction’s most satisfying and unlikely survivors:
  7. the good cop in the belly of the Nazi beast.
  8. Since then, Kerr has kept Gunther one step ahead of the Gestapo
  9. —not to mention the Mafia, the
  10. South American diaspora of
  11. death-camp commandants, and the
  12. Stasi—and scrambling for his life in novels that
  13. …cover more than twenty years of mid-twentieth-century German history.
  14. Thrillers are thorny gifts for critics.
  15. With a great thriller, the important thing is to tell the story while
  16. never giving anything away,
  17. certainly not who did it and, in the case of a Gunther thriller
  18. ….densely populated and always dizzyingly complex!
  19. #MustRead !!

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