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July 13, 2017


Hip-Hop – the rising stars 2017

by N@ncy


  1. I have never really listened to hip hop…
  2. …but a lot of people do!
  3. Hiphop is the most listened to genre in the world
  4. …regardless of geography or language


  1. One of the most important hip hop magazines
  2.  XXL  picks the ten rising stars 2017.
  3. Carrie Battan, music critic for The New Yorker
  4. wrote an article describing the XXL Magazine’s
  5. herculean task to get  all ten of  these diva’s
  6. in a group foto before noon. (foto)


  1. Battan’s report in the June 26 2017 issue
  2. ..of  The New Yorker  was hysterical!
  3. I took the time to just listen to what young
  4. …people like when it comes to hip-hop.
  5. Here is my modest evaluation:


  1. Kendrick Lamar – Bah
  2. Future – GOOD…but back round music was better
  3. Chance the Rapper – Bah
  4. Ugly God – S0S0
  5. Oakland rapper Kamaiyah (only female) – GOOD…she made sense.
  6. Beanpole of a rapper named PnB Rock – GOOD…he made sense too.
  7. MadeinTYO (most sociable) – Bah, rap sounds like the needle is stuck on the record, repeats!
  8. Kap G, a lanky Atlanta rapper of Mexican descent – Bah..have no idea what he is saying!
  9. Florida rapper named XXXTentacion—XXX, for short – Bah
  10. d.j. Sonny Digital (most difficult one)  – Bah, he is in a daze when he speaks.
  11. Aminé, an impish rapper from Portland – the BEST…I call it poetic rap, very good!

The clip is 1 min 11 sec….just to give you an impression:



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