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June 29, 2017


Love My Garden II

by N@ncy
  • Here are some photo’s taken to capture the beauty of my small garden!
  •  29 March

29 April 2017

29 June

21 August 2017


My first dahlia…



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  1. Jun 29 2017

    Lovely to see all that green 💚


    • Jun 29 2017

      Slowly the garden is losing its glory…i can see it.
      The plants are weary of the blazing sun and yesterdays downpours.
      Too much of the former….too little of the latter. 🙂

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  2. Jun 29 2017

    Lovely. I love plants in pots.


    • Jun 29 2017

      Tracy, I have just been at your blog….searching for a crime fiction book.
      I’m replacing the ‘Books I Dread’ with a list of Books I’m looking forward to. (blogpost will be ready soon…)
      Question: What would you recommend ….
      just number them from 1- 6 in the order you think is must read….
      D. Sayers – Agatha Christie – Ed McBain
      Elmore Leonard – Len Deighton – Le Carré
      I ‘m curious what will be your nr 1!


  3. Anonymous
    Jun 30 2017

    Such a green thumb… who would have thunk it! I actually got my first grape tomato yesterday… just one but lots of blooms on the plant! keep your fingers crossed for the Basil plant… so far so good!


    • Kathy
      Jun 30 2017

      Guess I messed that one up… I’m. not really anonymous.


    • Jun 30 2017

      I’d recognize you anywhere!! Basil and tomatoes….when is it pesto time?
      Rain expected for the next few days….saves me the trouble of giving plants water!


      • Kathy
        Jun 30 2017

        Ah, homemade pesto… the best, 2-3 weeks! Rain day equals a cheat day (a rest from watering!)


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