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June 27, 2017


Books I Dread

by N@ncy


  • My goal is to read Modern Library’s  Top 100 Novels.
  • But there is one problem:  some of the books I just  DREAD.
  • It seems every time I look at the list I shudder.
  • So without any further ado  here are the top 10.
  • I will read them and get it over with
  • I must muster up the courage…like going to a dentist’s appointment.
  • I’m not even going to buy the books!
  • I’m using  Project Gutenburg and put them on the Kindle.
  • Are there any books you dread?

Update: 30 June 2017   ‘Slow down…’

  1. THE GREAT GATSBY by F. S. Fitzgerald – replacement = W. Trevor short stories
  2. BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley- replacement = Plays of August Wilson
  3. THE WINGS OF THE DOVE by Henry James – replacement = Fahrenheit 451
  4. THE AMBASSADORS by Henry James – replacement = The Left Hand of Darkness
  5. TENDER IS THE NIGHT by F. Scott Fitzgerald – replacement = The Slow Natives
  6. THE GOLDEN BOWL by Henry James – (too late to replace, almost finished)
  7. POINT COUNTER POINT by A. Huxley- replacement = Strong Poison (D. Sayers)
  8. TROPIC OF CANCER by H. Miller- replacement = Seamus Heaney (H. Vendler)
  9. THE NAKED AND THE DEAD by Norman Mailer – replacement = The Perfect Spy
  10. 1984 by George Orwell – stays on list!


#NeedCoffee  … and lots of it !

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  1. Jun 27 2017

    1984 is a tough one because it’s so disturbing, but it’s well-written at least. It has also aged surprisingly well. The only line I remember chuckling about was when a character stood in a wooded clearing and felt safe because none of the narrow trees or branches were big enough to conceal a microphone. Ha!


    • Jun 27 2017

      This is the most difficult list to get through. But I am determined. I started The Golden Bowl and have a general idea of the characters and plot. Reading it is another problem! James’ sentences do not flow ‘for the eye’. I’m going to switch to the audio book….and hope with ‘the ear’ to finish it this week (612 pages!). Thanks for your comment!


      • Jun 28 2017

        612 pages! I’ve only read one book by James (The Turn of the Screw) and struggled with his writing style. I’ve never seen so many commas! The characters and story were good though. I hope the audiobook version is more enjoyable!


  2. Jun 29 2017

    I’ve read 1-4 – love The Gatsby and the James. 1984 and Brave New World were tougher reads re the content but I’m glad I read them.

    Luck 🍀


    • Jun 29 2017

      I’m approaching George Orwell in a different way. I want to read him because some of his essays are very good.
      I’m going to learn more about the man in ‘Orwell’ (biography by M. Sheldon) before reading 1984. (read Animal Farm in high-school…who didn’t ?)
      No more Henry James in my reading life and
      …The Gatsby, overrated. No thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jun 29 2017

        Orwell bio sounds like your cup of tea. Good idea!


  3. Jun 30 2017

    So funny because there’s a few of my FAVOURITES on your list! (all the James and Fitzgeralds).


    • Jun 30 2017

      It just goes to show…
      “No two persons ever read the same book.” – Edmund Wilson
      Thanks so much for you comments….as I said to Brona
      ..if you have any reading suggestions please leave them here as a comment.
      I am always eager to see what others like!

      Liked by 1 person


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