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June 26, 2017


Walking the Nile

by N@ncy



  1. The expedition to walk the length of the Nile was inspired by
  2. …explorers J. Speke, R. Burton, D. Livingston and H. Stanley.
  3. Wood was accompanied by guides (Ndoole Boston), journalists and friends along the  way.
  4. The expedition was commissioned into a UK TV Channel 4 that aired in January 2015.
  5. Wood detailed the trip in his book Walking the Nile.
  6. Wood was forced to abandon a 450 mile section in South Sudan. (civil war)
  7. He hired new guides, Moez and Turbo…together they finished the epic walk.

Milestone: (ch 13)

  • …after a  5 month walk
  • a symbolic moment
  • …when Blue Nile and White Nile meet.
  • Wood dips his hands into the water….finally he has reached The Nile.


Obstacle:  Meroe Dam  in Sudan…importance cannot be overestimated

  • Wood will never get near this  place in Sudan….he would be shot.
  • Wood would have to make a 1 week detour through the desert with 3 camels.


Pyramids of Meroe:

  • As Wood gazes on the Pyramids of Meroe
  • …built between 2,700 and 2,300 years ago
  • …Wood he feels very small and humbled.



  1. The book is not what I expected….
  2. This was my own fault.
  3. The title is clear Walking the Nile and
  4. I envisaged a trip on The Nile with more attention to the river itself.
  5. There is a pattern at times in the writing:
  6. Walk, enter town, recap past history about the village or river, Wood’s guide,
  7. Ndoole Boston adds his views, travelers meet the locals, eat, drink
  8. ….leave town and try to avoid phython snakes,
  9. ….croc’s an hippo’s, red mites, insects and feral dogs.
  10. I found chapters 10-17  to be the best.
  11. The writing came imbued with Wood’s doubts, his emotions
  12. …after the death of  a friend in Sudan from extreme heatstroke, Matt Power,
  13. …and Wood’s  longing to finish what he had started.
  14. Day 271 of a ninth month journey
  15.  I felt skin shivers…when I read Levison Wood finally
  16. plunged into the foaming surf of the the Mediterranean.
  17. Europe felt close and, with it, home.
  18. Well-done, Levinson, bravo!
  19. #GoodFeelingBook
  20. PS: if you can try to read the book and look at the Google images
  21. …so you can follow Wood’s journey in color!

Levison Wood, ex-British Army officer  (1982)



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  1. Jun 29 2017

    I think I’d enjoy seeing the doco series. It sounds like the visuals are a big part of the success of this idea.


    • Jun 29 2017

      That is true….you need images to really appreciate the journey!

      Liked by 1 person


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