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May 31, 2017


Great lists: Tracy, Brona and Cleo

by N@ncy

  1. Bitter Tea and Mystery is my go to blog for  Crime Fiction Books!
  2. Tracy has selected her Crime Fiction #20BooksOfSummer
  3. …and I just had to share it with you.
  4. There will be time when I ….need  a break from the classics.
  5. When the sun is shining and
  6. …I just want to relax with some ‘cloak and dagger’!
  7. Perhaps you love CF as much as Tracy does.
  8.  I am  always am ready to try Tracy’s suggestions!
  1. Brona’s Books  is my go to  blog for  anything Australian!
  2. She host a yearly #AusReadingMonth (November)
  3. …keeps me up-to-date with Sydney Writers Festival (May)
  4. and I can virtually follow her admiring the sights in Sydney and the world
  5. …on her Four Seasons travel blog.
  6. Here is Brona’s  list #20BooksOfWinter.
  1. Classical Carousel is my go to blog for classic inspiration!
  2. (Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Modern 1850-present.
  3. The idea is to challenge yourself to read at least 50 classics
  4. in the next 5 years. (Nov 2013-2018)
  5. Here is Cleo’s  impresssive list of classics!
  6. I see I have a lot of reading to do before 2018 to catch up with Cleo!
  7. Cleo has  also made her list of  the #10BooksOfSummer.
  8. Here is a list of books in her  summer beach bag.
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  1. May 31 2017

    Thanks for the shout out Nancy!

    I’m looking forward to my day off work tomorrow when I hope to catch up on my blog reading & all the other #20book lists.

    Liked by 1 person

    • May 31 2017

      I just finished grocery run, hanging up flowerbaskets and now going to finish ‘Ragtime’ (E.L Doctorow). It is surprisingly very good! So I don’t have to meet u in the #MinistryOfUtmostDisappointment !!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. May 31 2017

    Thanks for featuring my blog here, Nancy. And I also enjoyed a look at Brona’s list and Cleo’s classic site. Cleo’s Classics List reminds me I haven’t gotten back to reading a couple of Shakespeare’s plays, as I had planned. After my summer list, I hope to do that.

    And I finally fixed my blog list so that your current blog is showing.


    • May 31 2017

      So glad you could connect with Cleo’s and Brona’s blogs.
      They have some impressive books read and many challenges that they are working on.
      After a few months in a ‘blog-dip’ I am slowly getting back to my old ‘blog-self’. I hope to add a few thing to the blog and thinking ahead for AusReading Month in November…and challenges for 2018! ps thanks for the adjustment on your blog 🙂


  3. What a fantastic idea, Nancy! The glue connecting us together! Thanks a bunch! Brona does something like this with the Classics Spin where she chooses possible people to read with. From checking out Tracy’s blog, I’ve realized that I really want to get to a Dorothy Sayers mystery (great choice, Tracy!) and from Brona’s she’s inspired me to move Willa Cather up my list. It would be fun one day to get together and choose common books to read from a number of blogs and perhaps do a massive read-along. In any case, thanks again! You always come up with such unique ideas!


    • May 31 2017

      No thanks necessary….there are a few bloggers I follow closely and you are one on them.
      I may not always be in the comments list….but I am there! I have lined up some Greeks that I can squeeze in between classics. I never would have read Iliad, Ovid, Republic and Herodotus….without you! You inspire and don’t forget that when you feel at the end of the year you haven’t done enough! Not all progress can be traced in number of books read! Tracy has some great ‘vintage’ crime fiction that rank very high on literature lists. Brona just keeps me excited about Australian writers (favorite Thea Astely) that I never would have heard of!
      Hope you have a great summer reading…..and time to plan challenge for 2018, don’t wait till the last minute ( ..ha!)



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