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May 21, 2017


Fellowship of the Ring

by N@ncy

Conclusion:   My thoughts…..

#HLOTRreadalong2017   hosted by Brona’s Books

  • The Hobbit in February  – READ
  • The Fellowship of the Ring in March – April – READ
  • The Two Towers in May – June (I’m behind schedule… life got in the way!)
  • The Return of the King in July – August

16 May:  finished book 1

  1. I pushed myself today to finish book 1 Fellowship of the Ring.
  2. The storyline still feels simple filled with references to fog, sun, dark forests and strange characters Frodo and Co. meet on their journey. I don’t see this book as a comfort read but one I can easily skim and still follow the narrative.  I’m reading as fast as I can because I’m afraid if I stop again….I’ll never finish the rest of the books:  The Two Towers and The Return of the King.
  3. Many people delve into the writing of Tolkien to seek hidden meanings.
  4. I just preserve and hope to finish the books I committed to during the read-a-long #HLOTRreadalong2017.
  5. I cannot sugar coat it.
  6. …..I’m a bit bored but will
  7. #NeverGiveUp.

Book 2:

  1. I knew I had to do something to increase my interest in the book.
  2. After having seen all of  Jackson’s Lord of the Ring movies  I started to use
  3. Google images to remind myself who is who in the book while reading.
  4. This helped me a great deal!
  5. Bard the Bowman and Gloin en Gimli became
  6. …faces again and not just names!
  7. “…stars of Elbereth…”


  1. The rest of the book gives backround information of the Tale of the Ring up the present.
  2. The most important part is the decision made.
  3. Council of Elrond:  a plan is hatched to cast the Ring into the fires of Mount Doom in Mordor.
  4. New names for me:
  5. Celebrimbor (shadow of Mordor) and Elendil the Tall ( looks dangerous!)
  6. As the journey begins to reach the fires of Mount Doom all the images of the movie
  7. …flash for my eyes.
  8. I realized the book was easier to read as soon as Gandalf was back in the narrative.
  9. Somehow he is the only character I really enjoy!
  10. The book is finished….I wandered off the path but was not lost!
  11. It was a marathon read for a few days, but I did it.
  12. Now time to rest and in June start The Two Towers!
  13. Thank you Brona’s Books for hosting  and I have one last question
  14. …as does Gandalf…..
  15. What is the elvish word for friend?


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  1. May 21 2017

    The Two Towers is my favourite if the 3 books although there are a couple if tedious battle scenes and descriptions of fortifications . Skim reading recommended for those parts!

    But the humour and feeling shines through more in this part.

    Well done for pushing through your genre barriers 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re probably going to be surprised but parts of The Fellowship made me want to fall asleep. But I found The Two Towers and The Return of the King MUCH more gripping. I hope you do too! 🙂


    • May 25 2017

      Thanks so much, Cleo, for the encouragement. I really struggled with Fellowship.
      Trees, forests, fighter ready to help Frodo but he doesn’t trust him and new faces at the council…there was no action. I’ve heard from Brona there will be many battles in the next books and skimming could be one of my options….if sleep overtakes me! 🙂 You know my mottto #NeverGiveUp



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