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April 13, 2017



by N@ncy

The hardest thing is not talking to a cat you used to talk to every day.
I had to let you go…but did not want to.
RIP Mindy.

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  1. Apr 13 2017

    Nancy, I am so sorry about Mindy. I do know how painful it is to lose a cat.

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    • Apr 13 2017

      …house feels empty. Thanks for you kind words…


  2. May 3 2017

    I have only just found you again, Nancy, was wondering where your blog had gone to… So sorry to hear about Mindy. She looks like such a sweetheart, too, as if she understood your every word.


    • May 3 2017

      Thanks for your kind words… as every owner of a cat (…or dog) knows, saying good-bye is the hardest thing to do. I struggled for a year to keep her healthy but fate decided otherwise.
      When life happens, coffee helps but not this time.
      I have lost my ‘blogging voice’ but try, try so hard to find it again.
      I see you are working so diligently writing posts and practicing your writing skills.
      Chapeau au bas…
      I hope to find my way back to books…and blogging.
      What does one do when the voice is gone?


      • May 3 2017

        It’s only a temporary loss of voice. My creative writing voice has been silenced for the past 8 months or so, perhaps longer, so I keep on blogging to escape the silence…

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      • May 3 2017

        I just read your poem….and I hear that ‘thud’ every day.


  3. May 27 2017

    I am so sorry, Mindy is beautiful and looks like a lovely companion and personality. You will recall her always.


    • May 27 2017

      Thanks for you comments….yes, I recall her everyday!
      I look at the two cats I still have and enjoy every minute with them
      ….they are healthy and that is so important.
      Sickness is always on ‘cats paws’ lurking behind the curtains.
      It can suddenly pounce.



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