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April 7, 2017


Dans la tête de Marine Le Pen

by N@ncy

  • Author: M. Eltchaninoff
  • Title: Dan la tête de Marine Le Pen
  • Published: 2017
  • Table of contents: 194 pages


  1. Marine Le Pen retains the 4 pillars of Front National:
  2. land, people, life and myth.
  3. But FN is not the party formed by father Jean Le Penn years ago.
  4. Marine has morphed Front National
  5. …into a movement that is adapted to the 21st C.
  6. Strategie FN:
  7. Avoid all direct mention of xenophobia.
  8. Le Pen always speaks in code.
  9. Le Pen is understandable [gets her message out]
  10. But Le Pen is not attackable!
  11. Watch the next French presidential debate and
  12. …try to listen and “find her coded message”!
  13. Last thoughts:
  14. M. Eltchaninoff does an excellent job explaining in brief
  15. ‘la politique de la France’ with the emphasis
  16. on the rise of ‘la droite’ (extreme) 18th- 21th C.
  17. Will Marine Le Pen be the next leader of France?
  18. ‘ voix de la France résonne dans le monde quand
  19. …elle ne suit pas docilement les Étas-Unis.”
  20. Qui sait?
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  1. Apr 7 2017

    There are some places am not sure am that keen to go – and in the head of Marine Le Pen is certainly one of them. But it’s interesting to read how she’s ‘presenting’ an image of far right in France in a way to try and make it electable – and given the madness that is Trump I guess we have to hope the French choose more wisely than the US electorate!


    • Apr 8 2017

      It is truly astounding how she ’embeds’ the right’s message in easy to swallow language. People will be seduced by her! I just read she is neck-and-neck with Macron in the polls. All these attacks (St. Petersburg, London, Stockholm “grist to the mill” voor Front National. Thanks for your comments….great to know you are enjoying my unconventional reading list! (Duras – MIddle Ages – Le Pen!!) PS: excuse spelling mistakes here and there…I’m thinking in 3 languages (Eng – Dutch – French) and haven’t had my coffee yet! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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