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March 19, 2017


The Fellowship of the Ring ch 1-6

by N@ncy

  1. I am taking part in Brona’s Books #HLOTRreadalong 2017.
  2. I read The Hobbit but did not plan to write a review.
  3. Now I at least want to try to put some thoughts on paper.
  4. I am not a fan of  fantasy …so this will be a journey for me
  5. as well as for Frodo, Merry, Pippen and Sam.
  6. My quest: complete the read-a-long!
  7. I needed to break the reading down into manageable parts.

Reading Schedule:

  1. The Hobbit in February  – DONE
  2. The Fellowship of the Ring in March – April – READING
  3. The Two Towers in May – June
  4. The Return of the King in July – August
  1. Write a blogpost after 6 chapters.
  2. This is the half way point in Fellowship of the Ring book 1.
  3. Write a short wrap-up post after I finish the book.
  4. My post will consist of my ‘random thoughts’  while reading.
  5. I’m trying to keep it simple.

Thoughts:  Book 1 –  chapters 1-6

  1. Quotes: settle down and grow some hobbit – sense!(Gandalf)
  2. Quotes: do not meddle in the affairs of wizards (Gildor)
  3. Quotes: short cuts make long delays (Pippen)


  • Gandalf = wisdom
  • Sauron = evil
  • One Ring = power
  • Old Man Willow tree  = anger of nature toward those who try to destroy it


  1. Search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something
  2. Gollum and Sauron are on a quest  find The ONE (ring).
  3. Ch 3: ‘What is to be my quest?
  4. Bilbo went to FIND a treasure…
  5. but I go to LOSE one…
  6. Ch 3: Frodo is on a quest “…find the Cracks of Doom…
  7. great fissure that split a long tunnel that bored into Mount Doom.

Weak point:

  1. I enjoyed The Hobbit more than this book
  2. …just because I know what is going to happen in Lord of the Rings.
  3. I should have read the book first, then see the films versions.
  4. But if I read the book carefully
  5. ….there is much to discover besides the plot!

Strong point:

  1. Backround information:  LotR does fill in the missing ‘gaps’ The Hobbit.
  2. Tension: Tolkien  keeps the reader captivated with the hints Gandalf repeats
  3. Ch 1: The Ring:  keep it safe, keep it secret; don’t use it!;
  4. Gandalf’s attitude:  I am not certain, so I will say no more;
  5. I wonder many other things.
  6. The old wizard looked as if he was carrying a great weight.
  7. Ch 5: Figure: it looked like a dark black bundle
  8. … Something that is following us.

Strong point:

  1. Puzzle: Tolkien gives names to stars I don’t recognize but
  2. he adds descriptions to help the reader.
  3. My research taught me that
  4. Arda = earth; = the universe; Timeless Halls = heaven.
  5. Ch 3: This book can be approached no only as a story but also as a puzzle!
  6. Remmmirath = Netted stars (Pleiades)
  7. Menelvagor = Swordsman of the Sky with shining belt (Orion).
  8. Borgil rose glowing like a jewel of fire (bright orange star in Taurus)

Strong point:

  1. Alliteration:  I love Tolkien’s use of this literary device.
  2. It gives the text a musical effect…makes reading attractive to the ear!
  3. Ch 1: Frodo, Folco, Fredegar
  4. Brandybuck, Burrows, Bolger, Bracegirdle,
  5. Boffins, Bagginses, Brockhouse
  6. Grubb, Chubb
  7. Ch 4: bog and briar; deeply dug beds; steep slippery sides


  1. Friendship: is a element of ch 5.
  2. Ironically Frodo feels he cannot trust anyone.
  3. Merry explains he CAN trust his friends
  4. …to stick to you through thick and thin, to the bitter end.
  5. Merry explains Frodo CANNOT trust them
  6. … to let you face trouble alone and go off without a word.


I used this to follow Frodo, Pippen, Merry and Sam during these chapters.

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  1. Kudos for taking this on even though you don’t generally like fantasy! I should read it again as well, it’s been years. I like how you say that “there is much to discover beyond the plot” and you pick out some very interesting aspects. I hope you enjoy the rest of your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mar 21 2017

    Once I open the book…I enjoy it, but getting to that point is not easy with so many books I really want to read! What type of book is ‘outside’ your comfort zone?


  3. Mar 21 2017

    I’m so glad the journey has been worth your while so far. I really enjoyed pouring over the map of The Shire as I read the early chapters this time around. I did read the books a couple of times before the movies came out, but their images are so vivid, that it;s hard to read the book without them coming to the fore. But as I have been reminded, and as you will be finding out, the movies left out quite a lot of stuff.

    The books always have more depth and extra details to discover.

    Friendship and loyalty are such a big theme in these books – I think that’s one of the appeals for me. Like in Harry Potter, love in all it’s guises is what makes the world go round and gives us all hope.

    The 25th March is Tolkien Reading Day – so I will post my half way thoughts then.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mar 21 2017

    Stepping back into my comfort zone while I recover from my last dentist appt! Hurrah! I’ve started Bleak House. It is wonderful…so far. As you said a book is always better than a film version. in BBC’s TV series of Bleak House they eliminated some of the famous minor characters like Mrs. Jellyby and her family! I will follow Frodo and his merry band of men very soon! Thanks for hosting!


    • May 4 2017

      For me LOTR is a comfort read 🙂
      Although any classic book (Dickens, Bronte, Austen, Wharton, Cather, Zola) can have that effect.

      Thought I would check in to see how your journey through Middle Earth is going.
      I’ve just started The Two Towers – my favourite of the lot.

      It has been many many years since I saw the movies, but I do remember that they are very heavy on the battle scenes. The books are far less violent and much more about the journey all the characters go on.


      • May 5 2017

        My journey through Middle Earth has hit a speed bump.
        After I lost Mindy I needed books that totally took over my thoughts.
        What to do? Read French.
        So I’ve been reading only books in French for 3 weeks!
        Have no idea when I will drift back into Frodo’s world.

        Liked by 1 person

      • May 6 2017

        That’s okay Nancy you gotta do what you gotta do! One persons comfort read is another’s nightmare!! Seriously though, I hope the French readathon has helped you.


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